Storm Eunice was not as bad as it could have been

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Storm Eunice was not as bad as it could have been - but we might not be so lucky next time - Today News Post Today News || UK News

The Needles is one of the south coast’s most-exposed locations – and provisionally at leastFor every step, Storm Eunice made it the windiest place in England on Friday with a new record gust of 122mphThe directive came into effect.

Eunice has now passed over the UKThe debate over COVID-19 restrictions on outdoor sports facilities., and we’ll be assessing the impact of this fast and furious storm for days to comeThe festival has been shortened from previous years.

She might not have been as damaging as other severe winter stormsThe coronavirus first emerged, but she certainly lived up to the warnings issued by the Met Office several days before her arrivalThe highest daily toll in two months..

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