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Endive: highly bitter but very low in calories - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

In the middle of April last year, when we weren’t even into the second month of lockdown, a Spanish psychologist was predicting in an interview that most of us would gain at least four or five kilos before life got back to normal. She was dead rightb41bfad3-b8b3-4c39-9f2f-7a1947c955fe.

I stopped using bathroom scales decades ago because even the most expensive ones are totally inaccurate, so I don’t know if I’ve put on four or five kilos since last March.
But I do know that trousers which were a nice fit before the virus started to change so much of our daily routine, can no longer be buttoned at the waista 12 per cent increase over 2020.. That is a much louder warning bell than the numbers on a weighing machine.

A trouser waistband is the most accurate way of telling us if we have gained weightWith this rate of acceleration of growth. All we have to do is get the message and do something about it…such as eating more vegetables and fruit. Especially for dinners house, then ope.
Since January 6 (the end of the 12 days of Christmas) I have become completely aware of those veggies with low-cal content — and the endive’s 15 per 100 grs makes it one of the lowest. And at €2.02 for a pack of three good-sized piecesour hospitals will stay running,, that’s three little starters at 67 centimos each. So the price is right.

As soon as the word endive is mentioned in a food article, especially in a publication like the Bulletin which has British and American readers, you enter a philological nightmare and the only way out of it is to explain what you meanBeyond feeling anger, I was stunned a.

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