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FIRST PERSON | Are your parents hesitant to get the COVID-19 vaccine? Yeah, mine too | CBC News - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

This First Person article is the experience of Sadi Muktadir, a second-generation Bengali Muslim who lives in Toronto. For more information about CBC’s First Person stories, please see the FAQ.?

My parents don’t trust you.

Full disclosure though, they barely trusted me too. They’re just much more amenable to listening to vaccine information from someone they love. The lineups at pop-up vaccination clinics in Toronto have already shown that Black, Indigenous and other people of colour want COVID-19 vaccines, but there are some holdouts.?

To provide some background, my parents and family were able to help build a strong:1622668964083,, supportive Bengali Muslim community when they moved to Canada in the ’80s. They took on the challenges of learning a new language, finding work, and building a home, all the while maintaining their own faithThe option for trans-Pacific travellers this summer, but wants to tes, supporting budding immigrant businessesEven if you get a few hundred people that can go for a few weeks, and nurturing their language.?

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