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Rigid laws and regulations are needed to curb excessive packaging of goods. On the 30th, the 13th meeting of the Standing Committee of the 13th Wuhan Municipal People's Congress deliberated and voted on the measures of Wuhan for the implementation of the Circular Economy Promotion Law of the people's Republic of China. The "measures" stipulates that the production of product packaging materials should meet the technical standards of product packaging. Priority should be given to the use of materials that are easy to recycle, easy to disassemble, easy to degrade, non-toxic and harmless. In case of excessive use of packaging materials for product packaging, the quality supervision department shall order the producer to make corrections within a time limit, and those who fail to make corrections within the time limit shall be fined 5000-30000 yuan. (Han on July 31)

goods, especially those steel parts (including springs) exposed outside the fuselage, have unexpected damage. Over packaging refers to excessive consumables, heavy weight, large volume, high cost, gorgeous decoration, overpraise, etc. For example, in the packaging of moon cakes, many solid wood and precious metal products are used, which greatly increases the packaging cost

there is a Chinese idiom called "buy a pearl and return it", which comes from a story in "Han Feizi": a person who wants to sell his precious pearl carefully makes a beautiful box with precious wood, carved patterns, inlaid with beautiful jade, and does his best. However, after paying the money, the buyer only took away the beautiful box and returned the Pearl. Today, this ancient story is still performed around us every day

chasing profits and maximizing profits as much as possible is a common problem of enterprises. Therefore, in terms of packaging, accelerating the introduction and implementation of advanced integrated technology for energy-saving and environmental friendly aluminum processing and comprehensive technology for energy conservation and consumption reduction, the doubling of price has become the main reason for enterprises to over package. In order to obtain greater economic benefits, enterprises transfer the cost of production and packaging to consumers. As a result, consumers spend a lot of money on useless things, and even the most exquisite packaging will eventually become garbage. Relevant surveys show that over 50% of China's goods are over packaged. One third of urban household waste is packaging waste, more than half of which is over packaged, wasting 400billion yuan a year

excessive commodity packaging is an abnormal phenomenon in the economic field, which has deteriorated into an increasingly serious social problem. In fact, the most effective way to curb the excessive packaging of goods still needs to be rigidly constrained by laws and regulations, so that there are laws to follow to restrict the excessive packaging of goods, so that illegal enterprises will be economically punished and pay high illegal costs. Mr. dongjinshi, executive vice president and Secretary General of the International Food Packaging Association, believes that supervision and punishment must be strengthened to prevent the proliferation of excessive packaging. At the same time, excessive packaging should be classified as commercial fraud, which should be strictly investigated and dealt with in accordance with the relevant provisions of the anti unfair competition law and the consumer protection law, and never tolerate adultery. However, Existing laws and regulations in China "Therefore, fan is still one-sided and incomplete in dealing with the problem of excessive packaging. Under the situation that the relevant national laws and regulations are still lagging behind, it is particularly urgent for local governments to issue relevant local regulations or implementation measures.

curbing excessive packaging is not only a practical requirement to purify the market and protect the environment, but also an inevitable measure to implement strict economy and combat waste. We are happy to see the resolution passed by the Standing Committee of Wuhan Municipal People's Congress The measures of Wuhan Municipality for the implementation of the Circular Economy Promotion Law of the people's Republic of China impose a fine of 5000 to 30000 yuan for excessive product packaging. To some extent, this has a certain deterrent effect on enterprises that refuse to flow moral blood

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