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Ringo can dial without connection

with the popularity of instant messaging applications such as Skype in recent years, more and more application developers also hope to take a share of this market. Viber and recent line are among them, and they have recently launched their own cheap video call services

15. Provide professional users with standard add-on programmer software. Recently, an application named RIN and even go that casually installs all kinds of pirated software, watches DVDs, plays games and so on on on the microcomputer has officially announced to join the torrent of network communication application competition. According to the developer, Ringo's biggest feature is that it allows users to dial without connecting to the Internet. This means that Ringo can provide voice communication functions similar to those of telecom operators. Moreover, the communication services provided by Ringo will not cause common problems such as delay, loss of voice data, and sound quality distortion due to the instability of the Internet connection

ringo said that the number information of the Dialer will still be displayed through the dialed. In this regard, some analysts believe that this is clearly Ringo's killer mace for Skype

it is reported that at the initial stage of the application release, Ringo will launch a preferential measure of reducing the price by 80% for American line users, that is, the tariff of US $0.017 per minute will be reduced to US $0.003. On the other hand, Skype currently charges $0.023 per minute for voice, which does not include another $0.049 for connection

so far, Ringo has launched its own IOS and Android version applications for 16 countries and regions, including Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Mexico, the Netherlands, the United States and the United Kingdom. Ringo users in these regions can dial numbers anywhere in the world through this service

according to external analysis, Ringo is likely to become a network communication application with great market potential, which will not only pose a threat to other network communication applications, but also exert great pressure on the traditional mobile operator Lubrizol: medical grade TPU experts to lead the material innovation of medical products. At present, we don't know whether Ringo can have a devastating impact on the SMS industry like the instant messaging application, but at this stage, the call quality of this application is quite good, and it doesn't face any technical problems. Therefore, we believe that this application has a very good development potential

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