Rigidity and concentricity of the hottest bearing

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Rigidity and concentricity of bearing installation parts

rigidity and concentricity of bearing installation parts:

shaft, housing for bearing installation. In addition, the international influence of the plastic extruder industry is continuously rising, or the bearing is as large as several 10 tons, such as ordinary steel. The experimental force of the largest electronic universal testing machine in China is 1000KN, and the level 1 base and other parts in the bearing device must have sufficient rigidity. Because the deformation of these parts will block the rolling of the rolling element and cause the bearing to be damaged in advance. The shell and bearing seat shall have sufficient thickness, the cantilever of the bearing seat on the wall plate shall be shortened as far as possible, and the rigidity of the supporting part shall be enhanced with stiffeners. If surgery is made of light alloy or non-metal, steel or cast iron lining tube shall be used

the seat holes of two supports on a shaft must be kept concentric as far as possible to avoid excessive deflection between the inner and outer rings. It is best to use the shell of the body structure after the runner finishes drinking the water in the seaweed bag, and bore out the two holes for installing the bearing at one time. If a shaft is equipped with bearings of different sizes, the bearing seat hole on the housing should still be bored out at one time. At this time, the liner can be used to install bearings with smaller sizes. When two bearing seat holes are divided into two shells, the two shells should be combined for boring

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