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Riding the wind and breaking the waves in the post epidemic era, looking at the power of domestic goods from Zhongce Intelligent Manufacturing - Bauma china2020 interview with jinxiaodong, manager of Zhongce oblique transportation department

riding the wind and breaking the waves in the post epidemic era, looking at the power of domestic goods from Zhongce Intelligent Manufacturing - Bauma china2020 interview with jinxiaodong, manager of Zhongce oblique transportation department

China Construction machinery information

on November 24-27, 2020, the two-year BMW Shanghai exhibition, which attracted the attention of the world, was held at Shanghai New International Expo Center as scheduled, More than 3000 exhibitors from 93 countries around the world gathered in Pudong, and topics such as innovation and R & D, intelligence, electrification, energy conservation and environmental protection, 5g, VR and so on attracted the attention of major manufacturers. As a tire enterprise ranked among the top ten in the world by the China Rubber Industry Association and the well-known American tire magazine tire, which widely listened to the experience and practices of local production, industrial chain extension, intensive processing, etc., Zhongce Rubber also appeared at this BMW exhibition with its well-known brand Chaoyang tire. China tire business saw at the scene that Chaoyang tire exhibited many star products with multiple categories and complete functions, which met the needs of multi scene operation of construction machinery and attracted a large number of visitors to the booth

Zhongce Rubber booth w3.548

as a digital full media matrix tire platform integrated with automotive engineering machinery genes, China tire business () had an in-depth dialogue with Mr. Jin Xiaodong, the off highway tire (OTR) sales manager of Zhongce Rubber Group Co., Ltd., at the exhibition site, to explore how Zhongce Rubber can go steadily and further, and help Chinese tires go global

Zhongce currently has excess capacity in the low-end market of lithium battery diaphragms in China. Jin Xiaodong, sales manager of off highway tires (OTR) of Zhongce Rubber Group Co., Ltd.

Mr. Jin Xiaodong, sales manager of off highway tires (OTR) of Zhongce Rubber Group Co., Ltd. (left) and China tire business group photo

digitalization helps product upgrading

with the continuous development of information technology in China, the digital economy has become a new growth engine, and industry digitalization Digital industrialization also guides the continuous transformation and upgrading of various industries. By optimizing the industrial chain and expanding the boundaries of manufacturing, digital technology has become an important way to promote the upgrading of manufacturing in China

in this context, Chinese tires are also realizing the transformation from "made in China" to "created in China" and "made in China". Of course, this is inseparable from the bold investment of tire enterprises in product research and development and their active participation in digital upgrading

according to manager Jin, an important breakthrough of Zhongce in the R & D and manufacturing of all steel tires this year is to grasp the digital upgrading of product R & D. Taking all steel engineering tire as an example, the rationality of tire contour design is controlled through professional data analysis, and targeted improvement schemes are made for tire components according to the data analysis results, so as to realize the digital upgrading of products

after this year's practice and demonstration, it has also proved that compared with previous products, all steel engineering tires developed through digital analysis now have more uniform stress in the inflated state, reducing the possibility of tire deformation during operation, reducing the failure rate and improving the wear and puncture resistance

this important breakthrough undoubtedly injected new energy into the title of "Chinese famous brand" of Chaoyang brand all steel radial tire

intelligent and precise services, upgrading consumption experience

in the next few decades, a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial reform will form a historic intersection, and engineering scientific and technological progress and innovation will become an important engine to promote the development of the industry. Zhongce's intelligent service shows the overall strength of its engineering technology. In order to make more users truly realize the practical benefits of using Zhongce's construction machinery tires, manager Jin shared with us the el27 gantry crane tire intelligent service scheme on display on site

after years of technological improvement, the port machinery and equipment tires under Zhongce have reached a very low failure rate. However, the port has a large area and many mechanical equipment. If the pendulum and sample base can be replaced and the traditional on-site inspection method can be used to maintain the port tires, it will not only cost a lot of labor costs, but also cannot ensure the real-time monitoring of tire conditions

in order to solve this problem, Zhongce used the intelligent system on the el27 gantry crane tire. Implant chips in the tire, install receiving transmitters on the gantry crane equipment, receive and process the data transmitted by the chip through the cloud, and monitor the tire status in real time (including air pressure, tire temperature, mechanical equipment running time, etc.)

according to manager Jin, the air hole on the upper side of the el27 gantry crane tire is a process hole, which is prone to slow air leakage once it is used improperly. The above intelligent system can test the tire pressure in real time and accurately, and give an alarm in case of air leakage. By strengthening the communication and cooperation between the production supply side and the front-end sales, we can better plan and improve the service plan of Zhongce in the whole life cycle of tires according to the needs and pain points of users. Let Zhongce not only stay in the production and sales of tires, but actually meet the more comprehensive service needs of tire users from purchase, monitoring and maintenance through the implantation of technology

this scheme greatly improves the labor efficiency and safety of port machinery and equipment through intelligent single tire precise service

With the steady growth of "old infrastructure" investment and the continuous increase of "new infrastructure" policy, China's construction machinery and equipment will continue to maintain strong demand. Facing the growing demand for tires in the construction machinery industry, manager Jin said that in the future, Zhongce will work with local industry partners to jointly develop personalized product solutions to meet the expectations of industry users for high-quality tires. Including strengthening the communication with the technical team of the main engine factory and the cooperation with mature service providers and strong schools of engineering

"strong quality makes the country strong, and prosperous quality makes the country prosperous". First of all, we should understand the product quality differences between domestic and foreign tire brands, and take advantage of the rapid development of domestic high-tech to improve the independent research and development ability of products and strengthen product performance, so as to narrow the gap between domestic and foreign tires in product quality

manager Jin said that on the one hand, through the interaction and communication with the technical team of the OEM in terms of professional technology, we can innovate the R & D technology of tire products and continuously improve the product performance. On the other hand, by strengthening cooperation with mature service providers and conducting regular technical exchanges, we can strengthen technical discussions and provide service solutions. The strengthening of engineering schools will continuously inject new forces into the future development of Zhongce and even the whole construction machinery industry

the transformation from road tires to off-road tires

the epidemic has accelerated the shuffle process of tire enterprises, and the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce. At the same time, in order to improve the overall competitiveness of China's tires, the government is also strictly requiring the tire industry to eliminate backward production capacity, and the process of survival of the fittest on the supply side continues to be promoted

as a leading tire enterprise with the widest product line in China, Zhongce has started the transformation and upgrading of its products as early as three years ago. Manager Jin shared a data with us: Zhongce's bias tires were originally mainly road tires, but through the product transformation and upgrading of hf:650 ℃/16h/ac in the past 10 years, Zhongce has achieved remarkable results in the development and sales of bias tires and off-road tires

in 2015, the annual sales of off-road bias tires of Zhongce accounted for 45% of the annual sales of bias tires, less than half. But so far, the proportion has reached 79%, more than 3/4 of the total sales of bias tires. In the future, Zhongce bias tires will continue to transform and upgrade to off-road tires to meet the needs of customers in the construction machinery industry

industry review

"those who are not lazy are the teachers of all good." Only by adhering to the craftsman spirit of dedication, excellence, meticulousness and excellence, and forging world brands with the craftsman spirit, can China's tire manufacturing radiate new vitality and constantly bring new surprises to the world. Domestic tires are being accepted by more and more users with sophisticated manufacturing and excellent performance. Looking forward to the future, the implementation of the "new infrastructure" will continue to expand the demand for domestic construction machinery tires, while 5g, digitalization, intelligence, energy conservation and environmental protection will also promote the transformation and upgrading of the entire construction machinery and tire supporting industry

industry experts said that facing the "14th five year plan" period, China's tire manufacturing is bound to win new advantages by continuously improving the integration of digital technology and tire manufacturing, leading the digital transformation of the tire industry with new consumption, improving quality and expanding capacity, and accelerating the intelligent pace of traditional tire manufacturing. In the wave of transformation and upgrading in the new era, we expect Zhongce Rubber to continuously realize self-innovation through informatization and intellectualization, maintain high-speed development, stay at the forefront of the industry through innovation and innovation, and take the market as the guide and customer as the center, develop and produce safe and valuable tire products and service solutions that meet the needs of domestic and foreign users, so as to highlight China's "smart manufacturing" ability and "domestic" style, Contribute to the healthy development of China's tire industry

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