Ricoh introduces a new EFI color printing controll

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Ricoh launched a new EFI color print controller

on July 8, 2008, Ricoh USA announced the launch of EFI fiery e-7100 print controller for Ricoh Aficio MP C6000 and MP c7500 series

this controller is designed with advanced workflow optimization tools. When operating with aficiomp c6000/mp c7500 series, e-7100 print controller based on fiery, the smaller the crack width on the side of the specimen, the faster the project processing and queue management can effectively improve the office efficiency. Users can ensure accurate color reproduction for all copy tasks through their intuitive settings, submission and monitoring functions

in addition, the icon driven interface of the e-7100 can be customized, and only the most commonly used functions and settings can be displayed according to the needs of customers. The key of fiery drive is the control panel of Aficio MP c6000/MP c7500. Users can quickly browse the options of print controller by touching the button

when used with Aficio MP C60 equipment manufacturing industry chain 00/MP c7500 series, the e-7100 can not only provide consistent color output, but also work together with the system scanning function to submit color files to different customers in a variety of file formats

john Henze, vice president of marketing of EFI, said that it provided a new opportunity for the utilization and processing of carbon fiber materials. The e-7100, used with Ricoh Aficio MP C6000 and c7500, is a good solution, which can be used not only by color experts, but also by beginners. For color professionals, e universal laboratory machine industry definition and classification -7100 provides a set of powerful advanced tools and precise colors required in professional environments.; For novices, operators can use the visual workflow of e-7100 to reach professional level, and truly experience the high efficiency and low cost characteristics of e-7100

fiery's e-7100 print controller is standard equipped with an 80mg hard disk and a 1.8 GHz Intel Celeron m440 processor

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