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The reform of the power industry is imminent. Huawei endows "smart" power with new ICT technology

today, Huawei holds the seventh Huawei Global Power Summit (online) with the theme of "bit drives watt and jointly builds fully connected smart power". Customers, partners, industry elites and thought leaders from all over the world are invited to discuss it together. In the face of the global epidemic, political and economic uncertainties in 2020, How should the global power industry cope with and continue to develop? In the future, the development potential of the power market is still huge. How can the industry achieve reliable, economic, efficient and green electricity through more efficient and reasonable energy supply

seize the opportunity, the power industry must change

at present, power enterprises in various countries are improving internal quality and efficiency by developing data centers and improving management platforms. While ensuring power safety, they can provide more reliable, efficient and green energy to the society, and provide more value-added services for social development through energy interconnection

if we follow the traditional operation mode and technical means, we will not be able to meet the challenges. The global power industry must think about how to adapt to the new change trend:

● how can the power network realize real-time security perception and rapid response transformation when the power supply is affected by natural disasters and network attacks such as epidemic, typhoon and flood

● in response to climate change, the proportion of clean energy is increasing. How to make better use of clean energy and reduce carbon emissions

● with the rapid growth of global electric vehicles, the development of electric vehicles has brought great opportunities to power companies. How can the energy network match the rapidly expanding charging pile network and carry out efficient management

for innovators, challenges are opportunities. Sunfuyou, vice president of Huawei BG and head of global energy business department, said:

through digital transformation, Huawei can help customers better cope with these industry challenges and grasp future opportunities. Huawei has deeply integrated the power system with 5g, IOT, optical, IP, cloud, big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies, and jointly launched a full range of intelligent business solutions covering the "power generation, transmission, transformation, distribution and use" of power, such as AI patrol inspection and distribution IOT, to realize the comprehensive perception, interconnection and business intelligence of various power terminals. Huawei is willing to bring the practical experience of digital transformation in China's power industry and other industries to more customers, drive watt with bits, build smart electricity, and help accelerate the development of global power enterprises

new ICT technology endows "smart" power

more and more power companies put digital transformation strategy in the first place. At the summit, Huawei and industry guests shared the important role of 5g, AI, big data and cloud computing in the digital transformation of the power industry

taking China's southern power as an example, the distribution and user side need electric communication with the characteristics of wide connection, high bandwidth, low delay, high reliability and fast deployment, so as to ensure the intellectualization before the distribution meeting, the intellectualization of meter reading, and the development trend of smart home and car service in the future. Using Huawei's advanced 5g slicing and other technologies, the end-to-end communication of intelligent electricity can be realized, which not only ensures the safety and reliability of power distribution, but also greatly improves efficiency

according to Yang Junquan, deputy director of China Southern Power Dispatching and control center, southern power has sorted out 53 typical business scenarios covering all links of power generation, transmission, distribution, transformation, utilization and integration, and will see more 5g application results in the future

Huawei cloud, with massive data storage and computing capabilities, can integrate the data assets of multiple systems of power companies into one platform, and complete tasks that could not be completed before through high-speed processing and sharing of power data

for example, the long-term goal of Qinghai Province in China is to achieve 100% consumption and supply of green energy in the whole province. Huawei uses cloud computing to build a new energy data center with AI and big data capabilities. Based on weather forecasts, it can more accurately predict renewable energy power generation, and adopts a multi energy complementary strategy to make the total power output of connected electricity more stable. Qinghai has achieved 100% new energy power supply for 15 consecutive days in 2019. Clean energy consumption, the problem of electricity, can be dealt with by digital and intelligent means. The experiment began

using new ICT technology can also improve the operation and maintenance efficiency of power companies. For example, Huawei and Guodian deployed digital platforms, IOT platforms and clouds, reducing the data collection and warehousing time of Henan electric power company from 4 hours to 30 minutes

Huawei has embedded AI modules in cameras and UAVs, so that the operation and maintenance team can remotely monitor transmission lines and detect faults through cameras. Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau used to need 20 days of power inspection, but now it is shortened to 2 hours. The image capture time is reduced from hour level to minute level, and the accuracy of image analysis is more than 90%

Huawei realizes the unified deployment and remote management of millions of electric vehicles and charging piles through cloud, improves the charging efficiency and battery life with AI data analysis, and realizes the wide coverage of high-speed network with 5g, which greatly improves the management efficiency

power companies have become one of the main trends in the digital transformation of global power companies by utilizing and constantly enriching their own optical fiber and site resources and providing digital services in combination with ICT innovative solutions

in the power industry, Huawei has helped more than 190 power companies around the world, including 10 of the top 20 in the industry, carry out digital transformation. The solutions are widely used in Saudi sec, Turkish teias, Thailand pea, China national power, China Southern Power and other power companies

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