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Help Lubricant product innovation, ExxonMobil Singapore base oil refinery upgrade plan smoothly

help the innovation of lubricating oil products, and the upgrading plan of ExxonMobil Singapore base oil refinery is progressing smoothly

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Singapore refinery continues to upgrade, and the capacity and quality of base oil continue to improve

match the market and improve the capacity of base oil

in order to meet the changing needs of Lubricant Manufacturers in the Asia Pacific region, ExxonMobil is upgrading its refinery in Jurong, Singapore, which will further improve the high-quality EHC ™ Capacity of Series II base oil

EHC ™ Class II base oil product series can help improve the performance of engine oils with major viscosity levels and optimize the performance of industrial lubricants in many fields. By using this series of base oils, it can not only help lubricant manufacturers to prepare products that meet increasingly stringent industry standards, but also help lubricant manufacturers better control short-term operations and long-term investment costs through formula optimization and upgrading

meanwhile, ExxonMobil Singapore base oil refinery will continue to produce ap/e core, which can be directly sent to local municipal waste collection points or community retail stores ™ Class I base oil, as always, will provide global customers with high-quality class I product base oil

"we are always committed to providing core for our customers ™ Class I and EHC ™ Class II is an industry-leading and reliable base oil to meet their increasing needs. " Vipinrana, marketing manager of ExxonMobil Asia Pacific base oil and special oil, said: "our continuous investment also shows that we have always attached importance to the growing needs of users in the Asia Pacific region and our long-term commitment to the base oil business."

expand investment and enhance overall competitiveness

the ExxonMobil Singapore base oil refinery upgrading project was launched in 2017 and is expected to be completed in 2019, which will help improve the overall strength of Singapore refineries

project schedule

at the beginning of 2018, ExxonMobil has successfully installed a hydrogen isomerization reactor in the Singapore base oil refinery. This core equipment can improve the quality of products and ensure the stability of quality, while improving production capacity to ensure EHC ™ Reliable supply of base oil

the facility weighs 800 tons, is 46 meters long and 4 meters wide, and is one of the largest heavy-duty equipment installed in Singapore refinery in recent years. With the help of 1200 ton gantry crane and 60 ton tailing crane, it must be equipped with corresponding fixtures, 0 ton tailing crane, temporary bridge and special telescopic Jack to successfully complete the hoisting. The equipment installation can not be completed safely without the close cooperation between ExxonMobil and its strategic partners and the strong support of the relevant Singapore governments

hydrogen isomerization reactor

to meet the demand and provide high value-added products

in order to meet the continuous upgrading demand of Singapore refineries, ExxonMobil announced in June this year that the company is promoting a new project worth billions of dollars, which will bring higher value-added products to customers and further expand the production of lube base oil to meet the growing market demand. The company plans to develop and apply patented technology to transform low value-added products into cleaner and higher value-added products

by introducing more high value-added base oils, ExxonMobil is committed to meeting the growing market demand, helping enterprises meet more stringent industry norms, and helping end users improve fuel economy and reduce emissions. If the expansion project can be officially carried out, it is expected to be put into production in 2023 and improve the quality and production of the space structure

ExxonMobil is committed to helping customers achieve the improvement of lubrication efficiency through industry-leading production technology, global quality consistency and reliable supply. This series of major investments will continue to enhance the competitiveness of Singapore's refineries. ExxonMobil has been operating in Singapore for 125 years and will continue to expand its regional business map through strategic investment to meet the growing demand for cleaner and high value-added products

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