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Power industry solutions

power distribution networks increasingly require intelligence, and have perfect functions such as energy statistics and equipment status detection. As mentioned above, the elongation of polymer materials is much better than that of metal, fiber, wood, plate and other materials. Typical substation (substation) requirements:

◆ parameters such as voltage, current and power factors of high and low voltage circuits can be measured and printed

◆ transformer temperature monitoring can alarm

◆ measurement of full power of standby generator and monitoring of generator conditions such as speed, oil temperature and oil quantity

◆ remotely control the circuit breakers of low-voltage circuits (including machine room equipment, office sockets, lighting, etc.) and linkage control all power equipment

◆ collect the high switching value of the ball screw of the circuit breaker, relay protection tripping signal, abnormal alarm signal, non electric quantity and other remote signal signals

◆ accident record and Analysis Management: harmonic analysis, fault record and accident recall function

◆ equipment overhaul and maintenance: Statistics of equipment opening and closing times and monitoring of loss status, and formulate overhaul and maintenance plan

solution introduction and advantages:

our company has long developed intelligent power meters and background software systems, and has accumulated a large number of cases and experience in intelligent power monitoring. It can provide end-to-end system solutions

system advantages:

accurate measurement

comprehensively monitor the high and low voltage power parameters of the power system, which is better than 0.5% measurement accuracy and 1.0 level power accuracy

power management

harmonic analysis, SOE event recording, remote opening and closing

web architecture

full b/s architecture, in any place, any authorized user can open the browser to query the required data, not limited to the monitoring duty room

unified platform

the data flow of power and automation, on-site image data flow, and access control data flow of personnel management are unified into one platform

true 3D, full scene

establish a three-dimensional simulation model of the power distribution room, realize three-dimensional visual management, and realize the rotation, amplification, reduction of the scene. Realize various management operations in 3D view

simple structure and convenient installation

with various rapid installation methods, it is suitable for new installation and transformation. In particular, it can provide a large IOT platform to realize the real-time monitoring of data and images of tens of thousands of sites

intelligent power meter series:

the products independently developed and produced by the company include: power distribution monitoring and background monitoring system; High voltage wireless temperature measurement system; Power distribution safety system; Intelligent road develops the light control system from the Chinese construction machinery industry and market; Energy management system and IOT management platform. The company has passed ISO9001; 2008 international quality management system certification, products have passed 3C, CE, CQC, UL, RoHS and other certifications

px08k intelligent power monitoring system

is applicable to the full range and large area monitoring of high and low voltage equipment in user substations. Truly reflect the state of the equipment, ensure that the user's power supply system is normal, and timely warn of faults

px06k digital energy system

based on intelligent power monitoring and integrating several expert analysis systems, this paper puts forward a management/technical power saving scheme for energy optimization and energy conservation and emission reduction

px10k IOT platform

is applicable to the connection of thousands of user side power equipment to reduce user side power distribution accidents. Comprehensively improve the power supply of complete sets and installation enterprises: 3-phase 4-wire 380V 50Hz benefits and image

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