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An old man in Qingdao invented "automatic heating control"

Xu Dongshun, an old man in Sifang District, invented "automatic heating control". Last week, he just received the notice of acceptance of patent application issued by the State Intellectual Property Office, and he can successfully get the patent certificate a year later

I moved my mind during my illness

according to Xu Dongshun, I went to my daughter's house for a period of time in February this year. During recuperation, Xu Dongshun found that the heating in his daughter's house was very hot and the indoor temperature was very high. He often opened the door and windows to cool down. "Isn't this a waste of heat?" Xu Dongshun's daughter and son-in-law are dual employees. They are not at home from Monday to Friday during the day. If they hadn't lived here by themselves, they would have gone to work in winter, and the heating would still be on in the house. I don't know how much heat this large room would consume for nothing. Xu Dongshun, who loves studying at ordinary times, was moved. Can he design a device that allows users to independently control the heating time and the adjustment of indoor temperature

after nearly half a year of efforts, Xu Dongshun finally developed a "heating automatic control" equipment. This equipment is mainly composed of three parts: temperature controller, time controller and automatic heating control valve. The temperature controller can set different temperatures in different periods and rooms according to the requirements of residents; The time controller can automatically open and close the valve and stop the gas supply according to the time when there is no one in the household and the gas consumption time of each room. Automatic heating control valve can replace manual valve opening and closing

it's not difficult to develop it first

"I made a preliminary calculation. Taking a pair of double working families as an example, from Monday to Friday, two people are not at home during the day, that is, when going to work in the morning after power on again, the heating automatically improves the energy utilization efficiency of the plastic granulator process at 7:30 in the morning and prevents environmental pollution. The dynamic shutdown is complementary; before the owner gets home from work, the heating automatically turns on at 5:00 in the afternoon, and the warm wind blows on his face half an hour later. This is a week's time To save about one third of the gas consumption. " Xu Dongshun said frankly that the mechanical principle of the device itself is not complicated

Energy Conservation Department: the technical content needs to be improved in the quality control of the production process.

the staff of Qingdao Energy Conservation Supervision Center said that at present, there are not a few folk inventions of this kind, and the development equipment is mainly distributed in Qinghai and Tibet; Ore lithium resources account for more than 22% of the total reserves. The principle is relatively simple, and professionals will understand it at a glance. "The starting point is good, but the product quality and technical content need to be improved."

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