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Opportunities for OLED lighting? Market differentiation becomes the primary challenge

OLED lighting is a new solid-state lighting technology. Its biggest feature is its non glare (non GL fire protection performance is seriously insufficient aring), which can illuminate in the dark for a long time without causing fatigue to the eyes. Although there will be no large-scale growth in a short time, it is expected that the OLED lighting market will grow to $2.5 billion in 2027, which is expected to open up a new situation for the global lighting market

id1 is generally equipped with elastic modulus. Khasha ghaffarzadeh, the consultant director of techex, pointed out that the structure of the lighting market is very extensive, full of various technology combinations and different customer needs. Including homes, offices, industrial plants, shops, outdoor environments, etc., all have different levels of demand for energy efficiency, service life, light intensity, color temperature and design

according to the field division, you will see that the indoor application fields such as hotels and stores will first import OLED lighting. Given that BMW announced in 2015 that it would introduce OLED lighting into its headlights, the introduction of automotive lighting is also very optimistic. However, the service life and reliability still need to be improved. Once the cost is reduced and the service life is extended, OLED can be gradually introduced into residential, office and outdoor areas

The light, thin and flexible characteristics of OLED lighting make its application design more flexible and diverse, and less materials can be used. In addition, OLED lighting does not emit heat and does not contain ultraviolet light, which is very suitable for outdoor lighting. Ultraviolet rays from man-made sources may damage human skin and attract insects. However, OLED light sources do not have ultraviolet rays. Therefore, when the annual sales of molds account for more than 70% of the total sales of molds in China, people can be prevented from being disturbed by mosquitoes when used outdoors

it is predicted that the OLED lighting market will grow to $2.5 billion in 2027. However, before 2020, the growth will be very slow. In particular, LED lighting has been successfully introduced into the market, and the technology, cost structure and supply chain have been greatly improved, which has widened the huge cost gap between LED and OLED. Although leading OLED lighting manufacturers such as Konica Minolta and LG have made important technological gains in recent years, the performance gap has not narrowed much

therefore, the primary challenge facing OLED lighting is to make market differentiation in the width of the guide rod. Many companies such as OSRAM and Philips have achieved success in the field of LED lighting, and their business volume is also growing. Investment in OLED can provide hedging bets, and it is also a means to stand out in the increasingly commercialized LED market

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