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China's independent research and development of OLED technology has entered the industry at home and abroad. Organic light emitting device technology (OLED) is a new generation of display technology. Its excellent characteristics make it the mainstream of international display technology, and it has been applied in today's latest and most high-end mobile display terminals. It is expected that the market demand will exceed $25 billion to win the recognition of users in 2017, and it is expected to exceed $40 billion by 2021. Different from the traditional "process driven" development modes such as semiconductor chips and LEDs, OLED technology relies on "material driven" to a greater extent, in which light-emitting materials are the crown of the OLED industry and the key to the development of the entire OLED industry

the platinum (II) complex based on tetradentate ligands developed by the 973 Program "basic and applied research on excited states of metal complexes" led by academician Zhi Zhiming of the University of Hong Kong has become a light-emitting system that is extremely likely to replace the commercialized phosphorescent iridium (III) complex with special implantable devices designed by polymer chemists, plastic engineers and genetic bioscientists as visceral substitutes, It has attracted great attention from academia and industry at home and abroad. A group of domestic and international enterprises led by Samsung, an international OLED giant, and Guangdong agraya optoelectronic materials company (agraya), a domestic OLED material leader, have applied for Professor Zhi's relevant patent implementation license for platinum (II) complexes with tetradentate ligands, and carried out a series of cooperative research, involving a total amount of tens of millions of yuan, It provides China's OLED industry with a much-needed Intellectual Property Library in materials. In addition, the project cooperates with Xinli electronics and other enterprises to carry out the mass production line import project of AMOLED; In cooperation with Sichuan provincial government and Meishan City, Sichuan Zhiben express Innovation Technology Research Institute was jointly established to vigorously carry out the research and development of new OLED light-emitting materials and accelerate the industrialization and application process of materials

while vigorously developing metal complex luminescent materials with their own intellectual property rights, the team has set a longer-term goal on the next generation of metal complex luminescent materials. The gold (III) complexes with high luminous efficiency and cheap tungsten (VI) complexes developed by the project team are likely to become the most competitive OLED luminous materials of the next generation

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