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The old packaged salt was completely delisted in June

Guangzhou reported the flooding of fake salt in Dongguan last year (see Dongguan on December 6 last year for details). In response to the counterfeiting of salt, Dongguan Salt Industry Corporation announced at that time that it would fully promote the new packaged salt in the second half of this year (see Dongguan, December 7, last year)

recently, it was found in an interview with many supermarkets in the urban area that there was no old packaged salt for sale. In response, Qiu Shaowen, director of the regulation office of Dongguan Salt Industry Corporation, said that the promotion of the new packaged salt in advance was to curb the counterfeiting of the old packaged salt, which will be fully delisted by June this year

the quota of old packaged salt in supermarkets is very small

Qiu Shaowen told that at present, most of the new packaged salt sold in some large supermarkets in urban areas and towns; This is mainly because the old bag and its flame retardant performance ensure the safety of passengers to the greatest extent. There are too many fake salt, and the new packaged salt is rolled out in the market in advance, which is very beneficial to citizens. If there is a need for detection, it should be verified in the periodic verification

compared with the old packaged salt, the new salt uses paper plastic packaging. Qiu Shaowen said, "in the past, the packaging of composite film was easier to imitate, and the new packaging of salt has a higher technical content, which will make it more difficult for criminals to fake.". At the same time, the cost of paper plastic packaging is much higher than that of composite film, which also allows counterfeiters to consider the cost of counterfeiting

"the new packaging can avoid the occurrence of counterfeiting by criminals, but the new packaging requires the transformation of existing machines, the updating of technology, and the communication with the government. At present, the old packaged salt is gradually withdrawing from the market." Qiu Shaowen said

"at present, the quota of old packaged salt in supermarkets and their models may have little improvement in the future. Due to the low price, people may buy it as soon as it is on the shelves, so some citizens mistakenly think that they can't buy old packaged salt now; in fact, in factories, enterprises and some school canteens, the old packaged salt is still used. By June this year, the old packaged salt will be completely delisted."

no fake salt with new packaging has been found.

Qiu Shaowen introduced that the price of the old packaged salt is 1 yuan per package, while the price of the new packaged salt is slightly higher, which is 1.3 yuan per package. In this regard, Qiu Shaowen said, "the new packaged salt is indeed 30 cents expensive, but this price is not set by the salt company, because salt is monopolized by the state and is uniformly priced by the government. And the surrounding provinces and cities are basically 1.3 yuan a bag."

"don't buy fake salt to save 30 cents." Qiu Shaowen said that the harm caused by fake salt is far from being remedied by 30 cents. "At present, there is no fake salt with new packaging in the market, and the salt industry departments and economic and trade departments are also strengthening the crackdown on the fake salt with old packaging."

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