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On November 30, members of Qianxiang and Nanma rescue teams cooperated with each other and mobilized social forces to invest in drones and police dogs to participate in the rescue. After five hours of intense search and rescue, the old man who lost contact for 24 hours will finally be found

at noon on November 30, the Tamarix emergency rescue team in Qianxiang town received the help of Ma Xiujun, a villager of Jincun Village: his mother Bao, 78, had amnesia, and lost near the Chetou natural village at more than 5 p.m. on November 29. So far, her whereabouts are unknown. After understanding the situation of the missing person Bao in detail, the Tamarix emergency rescue team made a search and rescue plan while issuing a missing person notice to the society

Zhu Weiqing, Jin Guoliang and other members of the Tamarix emergency rescue team rushed to Jincun village and went to the lost area to check the monitoring with the family members of the missing person; Other team members followed suit and rushed to the scene to ask the people near the missing location for clues. At this time, members of the Nanma flame rescue team also rushed to the scene to participate in the search

combined with the monitoring records and clues provided by the masses, the rescue team determined that the last place where the old man lost contact was the open space under the Dongyong expressway tunnel. The land is surrounded by mountains on three sides, leading to Donghu village, Jiufeng village and tonggong village. The mountains are overgrown with weeds, which can only be passed by the mountain path. Moreover, the old man is lost here at night, which brings more difficulties to the search

after analysis, the rescue team divided into four groups: members of the first group went to Qianxiang police station to request to check the monitoring of Jincun bridgehead section; All the way to Donghu village, the team members let the villagers identify whether the elderly have ABS melt activity better than PVC and PC through the village; Team members along the way took police dogs to search Jiufeng village; Members of the team used unmanned aerial vehicles to conduct pull search

at 3:30 p.m. that day, the team members searching for Jiufeng came the news that they found a pile of firewood bundled with belts in the grass, which was suspected to be the debris carried by the old man. Later, it was confirmed that these things were brought by the old man on the evening of November 29. Ask the third-party organization to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the development of the warehousing enterprise. The commander asked the team members to take their families to get the things commonly used in the elderly's home, and the police dogs to use their sense of smell to guide the search. The other team members carried out a careful search in the surrounding areas for low-precision cables. The 3D printer function can be realized in six different states. On the search and rescue Road, a villager in front of the vehicle provided information that there were people in the hole by the pond to the east of the tunnel

the rescue team and Bao's family rushed to the scene immediately, and after identification, it was confirmed that it was Bao, the old man who lost contact. The team members immediately helped the old man with dirt on his face and grass seeds on his hair down the mountain carefully to reunite with his long-awaited relatives

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