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From Europe, America, Japan to China, OLED's high-end market leadership

if one word is used to describe the TV market in 2018, I believe that "falling endlessly" is most appropriate. Whether it was the high opening and low going at the beginning of the year or the successive decline of various promotion nodes in the middle of the year, the color TV market did not seem to have slowed down this year

of course, there is a general background of economic decline, but the industry has gone deep into the red sea of LCD, which is more worth thinking about. The reason for this is that OLED TVs, known as "new species in the display industry", have begun to grow against the trend

2018 background: the gloomy overall market and the hot future technology

AVC data show that the retail volume of the color TV market in the third quarter of 2018 was basically the same as last year, with 10.41 million units; The scale of retail sales fell sharply year-on-year to 30.3 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 15.2%. Especially during the National Day holiday, China's color TV market once again ushered in a double decline in sales and sales

from the social background, the reason for the decline in sales is very simple. The development of tourism, real estate and Internet technology are all affecting the TV industry. It also provides longer service life than metal hard valve seats or other thermoplastic soft valve seats. In fact, this year's economic downturn, low consumer desire, and the downturn in the television industry are basically expected. However, it must be noted that the consumer electronics industry will never lack new technologies that can produce explosive force in the downturn

according to the data released by ovicloud, there is a very interesting point: in the first half of this year, China's TV market sold 22.6 million units, an increase of 3.6%, and OLED sales increased by 110.3%. From the beginning of the year to the week of the national day, the penetration rate of 55 inch OLED TV increased by 50%, while the penetration rate of 65 inch OLED TV increased by 66%

oled can continuously achieve the performance of contrarian growth, which has always been one of the key information interpreted by insiders

in 2018, Ai TV and OLED TV have become new landscapes active on major e-commerce platforms. In the era of technology benefiting users, both AI and OLED show their vitality in promoting technology upgrading and providing users with a more ideal TV viewing experience

especially with the upgrading of OLED panel production capacity and the improvement of production yield, compared with traditional LCD TVs, OLED TVs are promoting the evolution of the TV industry from quantitative change to qualitative change. Both for the stock replacement market and incremental space, OLED TVs are releasing the potential energy of their high-end market leadership, becoming a new driving force to promote the upgrading of the TV consumer market

of course, it is undeniable that OLED, as a "new species" of display, has some differences in the development of markets in different countries. For example, the European, American and Japanese markets have achieved the trend of overwhelming the traditional LCD TV market share, while the Chinese market is currently in a significant growth rate and high user satisfaction, but the overall share is not ideal. So, as the world's largest TV market, what is the situation of OLED TV in China's high-end market, and is it expected to counter attack Europe, America and Japan in the next few years and become the world's largest OLED TV market

from Europe, America and Japan to China, OLED's high-end market leadership

Europe, America and Japan "lead" the global high-end market, and OLED share continues to rise

looking at the world, OLED has been highly praised and welcomed by the global high-end market since three years ago, and now it occupies an absolute leading edge in the high-end market above US $2000. According to the statistics of IHS, a global market research company, in the second quarter of this year, the penetration rate of OLED TV in the high-end market above US $2000 has reached 66% in Japan, 36% in North America and 46% in Europe. It can be seen that global OLED TV has ushered in the full release of leadership in the high-end market

first of all, Sony and Philips have actually had flat sales in the European and American LCD TV market in the past few years, because the competition in the traditional LCD TV market is intense, and they lack enough bright spots to attract consumers. However, as the two have moved to OLED, it has formed a technological and brand separation from traditional LCD TVs, creating a differentiated competitiveness that has won consumer recognition

let's look at the Japanese market. The large-scale launch of OLED TV in the Japanese market is only the last two years. However, what is more unexpected is that although it was launched later than Europe and the United States, it surpassed Europe and the United States in terms of share in a short time, ranking first in the world

to investigate the reason, LG display senior leaders analyzed and exposed the "truth": first, Japanese consumers have always been chasing high-tech and high-quality products; Second, Japan is in the peak period of TV replacement (users who bought color TVs subsidized by the Japanese government in 2006 are now entering the replacement cycle); Third, the stimulation of 8K broadcasting of 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games and other information

it can be said that behind the continuous rise of OLED share in the global high-end market, it has something to do with the strong growth of the markets in Europe, America and Japan. It can even be said that in the process of the release of OLED high-end market leadership in the global potential energy, these national markets have played a "leading" effect

from Europe, America and Japan to China, OLED's high-end market leadership

although China's high-end market is less than expected, it is most expected that

will shift its vision to the Chinese market. Compared with the share of Europe, America and Japan, the overall OLED market performance is not as expected. OLED TVs account for 18% of the high-end market above $2000, only half of that of the United States

however, the Chinese market is considered to have the most development potential. The number of high-income groups with 300million people (with an annual per capita income of more than 8K US dollars) alone is equivalent to the size of an American population, and its purchasing power is equivalent to the consumption capacity of developed economies. The tide of consumption upgrading in China is unstoppable

according to the results of recent research institutions, with China's per capita GDP reaching 10000 US dollars, it is obtained by controlling the carbonation process conditions and adding crystallization guiding agent in the process of carbonation in the production of light calcium carbonate, which has reached the level of moderately developed countries, and a new consumption trend of pursuing personalized products and high-tech products is taking shape

it is obvious that when buying TV and other products, high-end people are not price sensitive, but pay more attention to high-end technology and pursue the ultimate image quality experience. OLED TV is the only choice

the reason why OLED display technology is so said is that compared with traditional LCD display technology, OLED display technology has more gorgeous colors, deeper black performance, faster response time, more eye-friendly viewing effect, and a more freewheeling physical structure that highlights artistic taste. With these characteristics, OLED image quality revolution can bring a better experience to high-end consumers

not only that, OLED's inherent slim advantages can be integrated with interior decoration. When users turn off the TV, they can appreciate the TV as a beautiful and colorful oil painting art, which has won the favor of more high-end consumers. Everything is ready now, only due to the market east wind

in fact, OLED TV has experienced a market cultivation period of about 3-5 years in China and has entered a mature period. In addition, AVC's research data shows that OLED TV is the TV category with the highest score from high-end users. Moreover, the longer OLED TV users use it, the higher their satisfaction and recommendation. This shows that OLED TV has a sufficient user base and product reputation

perhaps it is the direction of "public opinion" that has been noticed, and the policy has also begun to tilt towards OLED. Peng Jianfeng, Deputy Secretary General of China electronic video industry association, once said that relevant departments have begun to implement the plan to guide the healthy development of the display industry, and will focus on guiding and supporting the research and development of mass production technologies such as Ultra HD/flexible panels, and accelerating the layout of forward-looking display technologies. Among them, OLED is a very excellent future technology, which is in line with the development trend of the video industry. With its own advantages, OLED has begun to seize the air

from Europe, America and Japan to China, OLED's high-end market leadership

has been promoted by both policies and manufacturers. At the "OLED summit" in Guangzhou in September, LG display jointly announced the arrival of the OLED era in China with seven major OLED manufacturers, and selected the first OLED overseas factory in Guangzhou, China, which is undoubtedly of great significance to promote the release of OLED leadership potential in China's high-end market

in addition, China is vigorously promoting the full implementation of 4K ultra-high to undertake intellectual economy video applications; Moreover, the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics has confirmed that 8K + 5g will be broadcast live. This is bound to promote Chinese high-end users to be more willing to choose OLED TV to enjoy the ultimate image quality experience

China's consumption upgrading, favorable policies, OLED technological revolution, upstream capacity empowerment, strong promotion by TV manufacturers, and word of mouth under high user satisfaction will bring huge high-end market space for OLED. In the next few years, OLED will become a strong leader in the high-end market

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