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Tianjin Petrochemical olefin department's January index hit the "red line"

Tianjin Petrochemical olefin department's January ethylene output exceeded the 20000 ton mark, and the output of polyethylene, polypropylene, equivalent ethylene oxide and other products respectively reached 104.8%, 101.9%, 104.6% of the monthly plan, all exceeding the task. The rate of superior products of polypropylene pellets, ethylene glycol, ethylene oxide and other products reached 100%, and other indicators continued to maintain a high level, It has created a new record of high-quality operation under extreme cold conditions

In January, the department actively overcame the difficulties of providing hydrogen, methane and other products for the start-up of a million ton ethylene plant and the small space for raw material adjustment caused by the storage of raw materials, and actively coordinated and coordinated the various units closely around the goal of stable and high production. They optimized the allocation of resources, adjusted the production plan, and reasonably controlled the production process parameters in winter, so that the output increased steadily. In order to improve the yield of diene, great efforts have been made to add cracking raw materials, continuously increase the amount of hydrogenation tail oil, and maximize the ethylene production. By optimizing the operation of demethanizer and ethylene rectification tower, ethylene loss can be effectively reduced. At the same time, the production workshops were organized to carry out in-depth "standards and excellence" activities. Through the on-site exchange meeting of fine management, the production experience and the characteristic management modes and management methods in energy conservation and emission reduction were summarized and promoted, so as to further expand the "cake" of management efficiency

in order to improve the product quality, the Department refined the process management account and the "three rate" inspection of process indicators. The process technology management personnel went to the device site every day to check the implementation of the process card, check the qualified rate and stability rate of process parameters, check the injection amount of three agents, and strive to do all the work in detail. If the process index deviates from the normal value, organize analysis, judgment and treatment in time, optimize and adjust the control index, so that each production device can maintain a good running state at all times. Not only that, but also organize the workshops to prepare a case by case for the main operations, standardize the operation steps and operation time, and effectively avoid the production fluctuation and material loss caused by improper operation and ensure the stability of product quality by improving and refining the accident handling plan

the Department has paid close attention to the energy consumption management of the device. On the premise of meeting the production requirements, it has done everything possible to reduce the energy consumption of the device. Today, electronic tensile testing machines are increasingly used in the laboratories of plastic injection molding and extrusion manufacturers. Vigorously optimize the operation of gasoline fractionating tower. By adjusting the recovery of cracking residue and light residue, adjusting the reflux of the tower and using viscosity reducer reasonably, you must not find a few bricklayers at will, which effectively improves the operation effect of gasoline fractionating tower, effectively improves the temperature of tower kettle, and the production of diluted steam increases the repeated construction gas volume of low-end products from 24 tons to 30 tons, greatly reducing energy consumption. By strengthening the process control, the utility consumption is controlled in the optimal range. Strictly grasp the process management, and timely adjust the steam consumption of the inlet and outlet valves of each heat exchanger and the heat tracing pipeline according to the production situation, so as to reduce the consumption of water, electricity and steam. At the same time, the key parts of antifreeze and anticoagulation are maintained and reviewed irregularly, and the problems found, such as insufficient wrapping of pipelines, thin insulation layer, aging of steam traps, are rectified on the spot, so as to prevent the occurrence of the phenomenon of only paying attention to "demeanor" regardless of "temperature", and effectively reduce the energy consumption of the device. Not only that, the Department also wants benefits from fine management. Led by the production department, it counts the energy consumption and material impact of the device in each of the three mutually perpendicular directions, communicates with each workshop in time, tries to find potential and efficiency points, and actively takes measures to effectively improve the level of cost control

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