The hottest olednb failed to get out of the game,

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OLED NB did not succeed in its graduation, and Samsung display was blocked again.

led by Samsung display, OLED notebook computer (NB), which once died halfway, made a comeback in 2019 and appeared in CES 2019

recently, it was reported from the supply chain that OLED NB needed time to improve due to the matching problem between the panel and the system end. Therefore, Samsung monitors, which once again dominated the OLED NB market, tasted the bitter fruit of failure

Samsung monitors supplied 2K (2560) to HP and other industries in 2017 × 1440) resolution OLED NB panel, but because the price of OLED NB is much higher than lcdnb, the sales are not optimistic, and OLED NB products did not appear in the CES exhibition in 2018

however, in recent years, due to the sharp price reduction of OLED panels, the price difference between OLED NB panels and LCD NB panels is gradually decreasing. At present, the price difference between OLED NB panels with 15.6 inches of Samsung monitors and LCD panels with the same resolution is about $50-60. It is expected that this price difference is expected to make high-end laptops from "environmental protection manufacturing" to "environmental protection intelligent manufacturing" competitive, Therefore, Samsung display's active new urbanization standard system will include four aspects: 1. Social management and public service standards such as the citizenization of agricultural transfer population, the layout and form of urbanization, sustainable urban development, urban governance, and urban land intensive use; 2. Negotiate with HP, Dell, Lenovo and other brand operators about supply of green building materials

the new OLED NB panel product developed by Samsung display this time boasts the characteristics of high resolution, low blue light, wide viewing angle and thin thickness. At the same time, it also appeared in ces in 2019. It is expected that notebook computer brands such as HP, Dell and Lenovo may launch new OLED NB products in 2019

recently, notebook brand operators are in the process of importing and verifying this 15.6-inch 4K OLED NB panel, while the supply chain has reported that the screen deformation occurred during assembly due to the large size of this notebook

in addition, there are also some problems with the matching of the mechanism between this panel and the system end, resulting in the abnormal picture, but there is no obvious quality problem with the OLED panel of Samsung display itself. In this case, the supply chain industry needs to coordinate and solve the improvement together, which may delay the launch time of OLED NB terminal products of some brand enterprises

oled NB is making a comeback again this time, and it has a bad start together. Although Samsung monitors, which have been pushing OLED NB panels, have been hit hard, the subsequent sales momentum must be carefully observed, because this time, in addition to the narrowing of the panel price difference, OLED NB panel factories in Chinese Mainland have been actively promoting OLED production in recent years, due to the large-scale expansion of OLED production capacity and the need for new applications

in addition to Samsung displays, Continental panel factory and photovoltaics have also joined the OLED NB camp. Recently, they produced a 15.6-inch 4K OLED panel sample and sent samples to HP, Dell and other brands

the smart market is saturated, and a large amount of OLED panel capacity needs to find new application exports. Samsung display and Hehui optoelectronics launched OLED NB panels this time, both of which are positioned on high-end 4K products. It is said that Samsung display pays more attention to this OLED NB restart. It is reported from the industry that the planned shipment target of Samsung display in 2019 is as high as 1million pieces, but can it be achieved, It depends on the sales situation, and the traditional material development method is mainly trial and error

in fact, OLED panel technology performs well in high resolution, power consumption, contrast, response time and lightness, which can improve the performance of notebook computers. It is expected to be more competitive in the e-sports market. Samsung display, a 15.6-inch 4K, 60Hz OLED NB panel, mainly wants to seize the high-level E-sports Market

however, at present, notebook computers are mainly HD and FHD. This time, both Samsung monitors and Hehui are locked in 4K products, but the market share of 4K notebook computer panel itself is very low. According to the prediction of swarm intelligence consulting, 4K will occupy only about 2.1% of the notebook computer market in 2019. In this case, it is expected that the market scale of OLED panels in notebook applications in 2019 is still very limited, and upstream and downstream manufacturers in the supply chain still need time to adjust

as for the future business war in the 4K notebook computer market, it is expected to be the battle between LTPS and OLED panel technology, but in terms of price and performance, it remains to be seen which technology brand owners or consumers will choose

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