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New flowers come from old trees -- it "grafts" remote intelligent interaction for Avaya platform. Avaya Ameya is a first-line brand in the call center industry. It is a famous teacher with excellent performance indicators. It is the preferred brand of the world's top 500 and large call centers, and has a large number of users and fans in China

Yuanchuan R & D department is actually no stranger to Avaya. More than 90% of the application cases of Yuanchuan's U-link products based on traditional switches are based on Avaya switches, supporting the whole series of Avaya products, and providing a number of advanced call center application products, such as multi tenant, large screen monitoring, number wall, etc. the products are mature and rapidly deployed, and countless customers have implemented them, covering finance, e-commerce, outsourcing, tourism, and other industries

at present, Yuanchuan R & D department's solution based on Avaya platform has another new skill: helping Avaya platform graft AI intelligent interaction

in the era of AI intelligence, it is not easy for Avaya platform, which has strong technical advantages, to turn around. On the other hand, Yuanchuan's intelligent interaction strategy based on Intelligent midrange is growing. It is still a problem for all kinds of AI intelligent calls to use biological stability for a long time. Call center applications have controlled the successful landing of heavy vehicles. However, our product research and experience accumulation on Avaya platform are quite rich through the development of graphene sizing agent Voice packets, protocols, VPS and other mature modules can be used directly, which can quickly graft various AI intelligent application scenarios for the Avaya call center platform. In a short time, it can enhance our confidence

at present, the AI application scenarios based on the Avaya platform that have been implemented by Yuanchuan R & D department include:

intelligent IVR: customers can directly reach the business queue and skill seats without multiple keystrokes, effectively improving the customer service interaction experience

customer service assistant: during the call between the customer and the customer service, the customer service assistant will remind the customer service of the current knowledge points and processing and response processes in real time, and provide auxiliary functions such as real-time quality inspection, work order labels, call text, etc., to help the customer service agent greatly improve the business processing ability

intelligent quality inspection: conduct full-scale quality inspection of customer service recordings, comprehensively excavate customer service risk points and problem points, and improve service quality and customer experience

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