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The pace of industrial transformation and upgrading of old industrial cities is solid. Zibo, Shandong Province, has been supervised and encouraged by the State Council. Recently, the general office of the State Council issued a circular on the implementation of major policies and measures in 2017, such as promoting supply side structural reform, appropriately expanding aggregate demand, deepening innovation drive, optimizing the business environment, ensuring and improving people's livelihood, and 82 cities (prefectures, prefectures, and leagues) that have achieved remarkable results 116 counties (cities, districts and banners) were supervised and encouraged, and 24 reward and support measures were taken accordingly. This is the second supervision and incentive work organized by the general office of the State Council since the establishment of the long-term supervision and incentive mechanism last year. Shandong Province, city and county have received a total of 11 inspections and incentives for fatigue experiments (American Standard)

Zibo has achieved outstanding results in supporting the transformation of traditional industries, cultivating new industries, new forms and new models, and undertaking industrial transfer and industrial cooperation due to the greater adjustment and transformation of the old industrial base. After that, the city will also receive incentives and support measures to "give priority to major reforms and policies related to the revitalization of old industrial bases, support the construction of industrial transformation and upgrading demonstration areas and the relocation and reconstruction of old industrial areas in urban areas, and increase the support of special funds for investment in the central budget"

in 2017, Zibo City, focusing on promoting the overall revitalization of old industrial bases, firmly seized the historical opportunity of being listed in the first batch of industrial transformation and upgrading demonstration zones of old industrial cities and resource-based cities in China, and the province's implementation of major projects to convert old and new kinetic energy. "The reality of the two articles is that the temperature in the engine is not that Beijing subway and Beijing Hong Kong subway will broadcast real-time on Weibo that the congestion at large passenger stations is low, and do it together", In accordance with the general idea of "one goal orientation, four efforts to build, and ten first breakthroughs", we should highlight the "four modernizations" promoted by the "four innovations", focus on four articles, namely, the "high" of traditional industries, the "new" of kinetic energy cultivation, the "light" of industrial structure, and the "green" of development mode, speed up the construction of the "753" modern industrial system, and take solid steps in the industrial transformation and upgrading of old industrial cities

adhere to the "two wheel drive" of optimizing the allocation of stock resources and expanding high-quality incremental supply, deeply promote the precise transfer of industry, and transform and improve the seven traditional industries; Promote emerging industries to "create something out of nothing", and advance the layout of emerging industries such as new energy vehicles, high-speed rail wheels, power supplies, automotive semiconductor wafers, etc. the first independent brand of new energy vehicles in Shandong Province was offline in Zibo High tech Zone Guojin Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. in September 2017

increase investment in scientific and technological research and development, and continuously enhance the ability of independent innovation. The MEMS sensor industrialization project was selected as a major landmark project of made in China 2025 in 2017, and Zhangdian District was successfully selected as the second batch of national mass entrepreneurship and innovation demonstration bases; Focus on implementing the strategy of giving priority to talents, and issue the "23 new policies for talents"

with iron determination, iron wrist and iron measures, we will force the green transformation of industrial structure and energy structure, crack down on "scattered and polluted" enterprises, firmly implement the action of energy conservation and coal reduction, promote the adjustment of energy structure with "de coal" as the core, and make room for the development of high-quality production capacity

"Zibo" China Europe international freight train was put into operation, the influence of brand exhibitions such as Qi Culture Festival, ceramic Expo and new material technology forum was further enhanced, the "four major attraction" project was vigorously implemented, and more than 10 colleges, universities and large enterprises such as China Steel Research Institute, Beijing Youyan Research Institute, Tsinghua University, China Shipbuilding Heavy Industry and Taiwan qiangmao group were introduced to settle in Zibo

innovatively implement the "six ones" supervision system and the "l+l+n" supervision mode, improve the "one first topic" + "three first times" + "three single books" working system, and launch the brand of "Zibo practice" to comprehensively deepen reform. Comprehensively improve the efficiency of government services, innovate and implement the joint mode of video joint review, regional assessment and five-level linkage of government services, and continue to improve the business environment

Zibo is encouraged by supervision in the adjustment and transformation of old industrial bases, supporting the transformation of traditional industries, cultivating new industries, new forms and new models, and undertaking industrial transfer and industrial cooperation. Closely integrating industry university research cooperation with the industrial "chain casting" project, Zibo has carried out joint technical research around the major technical needs of industrial chain development. 242 enterprise technology centers above the municipal level in the city have carried out industry university research cooperation with Tsinghua University and the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Up to now, the scale of "chain casting project" has grown to 27 alliances, 471 enterprises and 175 colleges and universities. In 2017, the city's key innovation and development projects plan to provide 90 projects with a total investment of 2.902 billion yuan, with a total of 60million yuan of special fund support

it is reported that the cities (leagues), counties (cities, districts) that have received supervision and incentives this time also include cities (leagues), counties (cities, districts) that have well implemented land-use plans, among which Yiyuan County, which levies taxes on lead-acid batteries, ranks among them, with a reward land plan index of 1000 mu, which is listed separately in the 2018 national land-use plan and included in the plan implementation management

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