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Two high-end models of Shaanxi beiren will appear at the Beijing Printing Exhibition in May. The 8th Beijing International Printing Technology Exhibition will be held in the new hall of Beijing International Exhibition Center from May 14 to 18, 2013. This is a quadrennial event of the world packaging industry, which will comprehensively display the new technologies and products of the world printing industry. The exhibition covers an area of 120000 square meters and will be attended by thousands of packaging enterprises and tens of thousands of professional visitors at home and abroad. It is the best stage to show the corporate image and will also bring new development opportunities for enterprises

as the leading printing equipment manufacturer in China, beiren is fully prepared for this exhibition. Beiren group, beiren stock, beiren Fuji and Shaanxi beiren under the company will fight in a unified image. As the pacesetter in the domestic packaging and printing equipment manufacturing industry, Shaanxi beiren printing machine Co., Ltd. has been aiming at the international advanced level for many years, adhering to scientific and technological progress and technological innovation, constantly improving the technical content of products and enhancing the core competitiveness of enterprises. In this exhibition, a sl-one1250 solvent-free laminating machine and a fr400els high-speed gravure printing machine newly launched by Shaanxi beiren company will be displayed in hall E2, which will not only display the latest achievements of the company's scientific research and innovation, but also convey more information about the development of enterprises to friends in the industry

for materials that do not meet the requirements of the new national standard

sl Jinan assaying is a domestic first-class universal fastener testing machine manufacturer -one1250 solvent-free compounding machine is easy to operate, environmentally friendly and humanized

the solvent-free compounding machine has a wide range of applications, especially in the food and drug packaging industries. The composable substrates mainly include BOPP, pet, nylon, CPP, PE, VMPET, VMCPP, PVC, aluminum foil, paper, etc. the applicable thickness of the substrate is generally between 7120 microns. The mechanical speed of the machine is 320m/m. The machine is fixed on the column for 12 minutes with a small handle. The working speed is 300m/min. The unwinding diameter is 800mm and the rewinding diameter is 1000mm

it is mainly composed of the first unwinding, coating unit, second unwinding, compounding unit, receiving unit and mixer. The coating unit adopts the five roll transfer coating method. The gap between the fixed metering roll and the dynamic metering roll is accurately adjustable. The exhaust device on the top bridge can timely discharge the glue mist. The swing arm type upward pressure composite unit has convenient pressure adjustment. It is a very humanized design to independently open the protection bar at the meshing point. The pipeline of the compound roll mold temperature machine and the cooling roll water pipe drive side enter and exit. The winding and pressing roll has an independent swing arm, the layout of the protective cover is reasonable, and the position of the connecting rod mechanism changes with the winding diameter to ensure that the biting point is not pinched. The parts of the whole machine are finely processed, with nickel plating and paint treatment on the surface. It is beautiful and the most important anti-corrosion and anti rust. The tension is accurately controlled, which can reasonably match the tension of different materials and prevent the tunnel effect in the production process of composite film. The operation panel of the machine is simple and clear, the appearance design is beautiful and smooth, the structure of the feeding and swinging roller is simple and compact, the adjustment is convenient, the response is sensitive, the deviation correction mechanism is reliable and durable, and the winding operation is simple and convenient, saving human resources

fr400els high speed gravure printing machine is energy-saving, efficient, safe and reliable

the maximum speed of the high-speed gravure printing machine is 400m/min, the maximum printing material width is 1250mm, the unwinding diameter is 1000mm, the rewinding diameter is 1000mm, the form of rewinding and rewinding is electric cone top + pneumatic cone top, and the heating method is steam heating. The machine is suitable for high-speed printing of various plastic films

the main innovative feature of the machine is the new disc two-way cone top horizontal automatic positioning rewinding and unwinding device, which combines the advantages of tower type rewinding and unwinding and disc type rewinding and unwinding. The two-way horizontal cone top device can automatically locate the horizontal position of the material roll and meet the material rolls of different widths. The cone top on the operating side is driven by the motor. When loading and clamping the material roll, the motor will quickly and accurately position according to the parameters of different material rolls, and the transmission side is rapidly driven by the cylinder, One person can complete the loading and unloading work. Compared with the previous manual operation, the automation degree is higher, and the operation is more convenient and fast. The printing unit of the machine integrates a number of patented technologies and scientific and technological innovation achievements of Shaanxi beiren company in recent years, such as rigid scraper and three-dimensional display of scraper, sleeve type rubber roller, new inking trolley and high-speed anti inking mechanism, backlash free servo drive technology, etc. Equipped with the servo system of bekale and backlash free servo drive technology, the printing plate phase can be accurately controlled to achieve more accurate and stable high-speed printing. According to the environmental, health and safety requirements of thermoplastic carbon fiber composite automation equipment and forming technology, this machine applies advanced safety devices such as safety grating, pull switch, new oven and drying system for material collection and discharge, so as to better achieve the purpose of energy saving, emission reduction and residue control through performance optimization

at present, the staff of Shaanxi beiren printing machine Co., Ltd. are fully engaged in the preparation of the products participating in the conference, and all kinds of products have entered the commissioning stage. It is believed that at the 8th Beijing International Printing Technology Exhibition, Shaanxi beiren will enhance the understanding of new and old customers and industry friends on the company's scientific research innovation and technological progress with good products and images, and provide more opportunities for customers to choose equipment. Shaanxi beiren sincerely look forward to the extensive attention and visit of customers in the industry

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