The two most popular epoxy resin raw materials con

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The two major raw materials of epoxy resin continue to operate strongly

the two major raw materials of epoxy resin continue to operate strongly. In the morning, the ECH market opened higher, and some businesses closed their plates to wait and see. The sporadic prices were raised to about 16000 yuan/ton, and the focus of negotiation was further higher; The BPA market opened higher at the same time, and the mainstream price was raised to 16500 yuan/ton, which was discussed for reference. For high priced raw materials, the downstream epoxy resin was also forced to rise. Fortunately, the terminal buying atmosphere was high, so the goods were sold well under high prices. For high priced raw materials, most downstream factories are ready to use and take them, and there is no intention to purchase in bulk. The short-term epoxy resin industry chain is difficult to change and strong

Even during the test, the stress-strain curve can be displayed in real time

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