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In july2012, in combination with China's growing power demand, Shanghai New China Trade International Exhibition Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Derui exhibition planning Co., Ltd. announced that in order to continuously provide exhibitors with a refined and plate-based exhibition platform, attract relevant enterprises in the industrial chain to participate together, promote the benign interaction between exhibitors and visitors, and achieve one-stop procurement of upstream and downstream industries, Since 2013, China (Shanghai) International Wind Energy Exhibition and seminar (cwee), China (Shanghai) international power equipment and generator set Exhibition (power), China Epower and China smart gridtec will be jointly held. So far, an industry feast covering power generation, transmission and distribution, smart power and other fields, presenting complete solutions for China's power industry, will be presented, and will bring many new attractions to the industry

for this reason, Shanghai Xinzhong has formulated relevant industrial standards and indicators. China International Trade Exhibition Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Derui exhibition planning Co., Ltd. will jointly contribute to the establishment of a new joint venture. The rotation of the new activity chuck represents that the end of sample 1 is responsible for the operation of the newly formed exhibition project relative to another real rotation. China International Trade Derui Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

MS Sylvia Phua, executive president of Singapore MP Convention & Exhibition Group, said: this new strategic partnership generated by synergy will promote China Epower to grow and expand in China's huge energy market, and stand on a new platform to strive to solve the difficulties and challenges of the power industry and provide innovative solutions. Tomasz Czarnecki, chief operating officer of China E-power as a complete power solution econcore, said: "The exhibition was officially launched in the renovated R & D facilities in Leuven, Belgium.

Jiang Gang, general manager of mpzm of Shanghai New China Trade International Exhibition Co., Ltd., said: last year, the four sub exhibitions attracted more than 40000 professional visitors and 760 exhibitors. In order to meet the differentiated needs of power users, now is the best time to build China Epower into an industry-class exhibition covering the industrial chain. Our vision is to establish a strong power related The exhibition cluster is conducive to the gathering of industry peers for transactions, understanding industry trends and seeking new opportunities

zhangxing'an, general manager of new China trade Derui Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., said: through this integration, the exhibition area in 2013 is bound to exceed 60000 square meters, ranking first in the exhibition scale of China's power industry. The exhibitors almost cover the whole set of power industry chains with users, which is a centralized display of the power industry. Truly realize the one-stop ultimate journey of market investigation, horizontal comparison, centralized procurement and business negotiation

china Epower will hold a series of industry summits and conferences in Shanghai New International Expo Center from April 8 to 10, 2013 to help solve key industry problems and challenges and encourage more experience sharing among industry peers

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