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Environmental protection and brand focus on helping the development of food packaging

[packaging E-line news] food is one of the most commonly used and consumed items in people's lives to find and solve problems. Therefore, food packaging design has attracted great attention. At present, the biggest problem in food is waste, including waste of food itself and waste of packaging materials. Food waste is sometimes due to improper packaging, and sometimes due to expired food; The waste of packaging materials is reflected in recycling. The problem for food packaging designers is how to solve these wastes

in terms of food, people's requirements for green are not only the health of products, but also the sustainable production of enterprises. Enterprises must have reasons to make people believe that buying their products is harmless, and these reasons should be directly reflected in the packaging of products

how can people remember to use up the product before the effective date? The designer proposed that smart chips could be added to the outer packaging to remind people of the color change of the date. In addition, the packaging method of food can be changed. For example, a large piece of meat can be cut into small pieces for packaging, so that people will not cause unnecessary waste due to inaccurate measurement. However, it is more popular for consumers to choose recyclable materials for packaging. For example, a glass honey pot can be used to hold other pickled food after use

walterlandor, a famous brand strategy consultant and designer in the United States, said: the friction coefficient of the film is higher than that of the film. The product is produced in the factory, but the brand is formed in the mind. Through naming, various advertising and public relations activities gradually form value. Just as we hear Coca-Cola's red canned image will automatically emerge in our mind, we will immediately think of Nike when we see the dark red hook. These are the strength of the brand reflected in the outer packaging when the test piece is under pressure. Therefore, the information conveyed by packaging to consumers and the impact on products are the most intuitive. With the increasingly serious environmental problems, packaging designers should have a stronger sense of mission. While providing customers with suitable commodity packaging, they should integrate more environmental protection concepts into their product design to give consumers a positive guidance

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