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The two ministries and commissions issued the guiding opinions on promoting the development of industrial culture. Industrial culture is the sum of material culture, institutional culture and spiritual culture formed with the process of industrialization and penetrated into industrial development. It has a basic, long-term and key impact on promoting industry from big to strong. In order to implement made in China 2025 and accelerate the development of industrial culture, the following opinions are put forward

I. deeply understand the strategic significance of the development of industrial culture

in the exploration and practice of promoting industrialization, China has bred industrial culture models such as Daqing, two bombs and one satellite, manned spaceflight, formed the industrial spirit with Chinese characteristics such as self-reliance, hard work, selfless dedication, patriotism and dedication, emerged a large number of excellent enterprises that demonstrate the strength of industrial culture, and left a large number of material wealth carrying industrial culture, It has provided great spiritual impetus for industrial development

at present, China has leapt to the top manufacturing country in the world, but the problem of large but not strong industry is still prominent, which is closely related to the relatively lagging development of industrial culture, mainly manifested in insufficient innovation, lack of focus, lack of integrity, weakening of industrial spirit, etc., which seriously restricts the transformation and upgrading of China's industry and the improvement of quality and efficiency

industrial culture is derived, accumulated and sublimated in the process of industrialization, constantly affecting people's thinking mode, social behavior and value orientation. It is the most direct and fundamental ideological source of industrial progress, a powerful spiritual driving force for building a powerful country, and an important content for building a national soft power. In the critical period of promoting the strategy of building a manufacturing and networking power, we need both the rigid promotion of technological development and the flexible support of cultural forces. Vigorously developing industrial culture is an important means to enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of China's industry, a strategic choice to shape a new image of China's industry, and a strong support to promote the transformation from made in China to created in China

(II) Basic principles

adhere to inheritance and innovation. Fully absorb the excellent traditional Chinese cultural elements, widely learn from the essence of world industrial culture, develop in protection and innovate in inheritance, and promote the all-round development of China's industrial culture in the new era

insist on integration and improvement. Give full play to the carrier role of hard power, promote the extension and expansion of soft power, promote their mutual penetration and integration, and maximize their comprehensive advantages and best efficiency

insist on coordinated promotion. Gather the social consensus on the development of industrial culture, integrate various resources of industrial culture, strengthen cooperation with relevant departments, cultivate and develop industrial culture industry, and build a good environment for all kinds of subjects to participate in the development of industrial culture

insist on key breakthroughs. Focus on outstanding issues, focus on industrial design, industrial heritage, industrial tourism, enterprise credit investigation, quality brand, enterprise culture construction and other fields, and form new competitive advantages

(III) main objectives

inherit and cultivate the industrial spirit with Chinese characteristics, establish a new concept of industrial development, improve the industrial cultural literacy of the whole people, and create a new driving force for economic growth. Through years, a number of craftsmen and excellent enterprises from large countries have emerged that embody the spirit of the times; The cultural elements of industrial products are fully displayed, and the industrial cultural industry has become a new highlight of economic growth; The quality connotation and reputation of made in China have been significantly improved

III. main tasks

(I) carry forward China's industrial spirit

carry forward the spirit of craftsman. Cultivate a group of high-quality industrial workers who respect the spirit of craftsman, guide enterprises to establish a reward mechanism for highly skilled talents, set a benchmark for craftsmen in large countries, play an exemplary role, and make the spirit of craftsman a code of conduct for producers and a value orientation for consumers. Guide the enterprise to sharpen a sword for ten years, focus on product quality improvement and brand cultivation for a long time, and integrate the craftsman spirit into modern industrial production and management practice

practice the spirit of innovation. Improve the innovation awareness of industrial enterprises, encourage enterprises to stimulate their innovation vitality through mass innovation and other new ways, build a number of innovation and entrepreneurship demonstration bases, promote the innovation of science and technology, management, brand, organization and business model as a whole, and integrate the innovation concept into the core values of enterprises. In order to organize and carry out the innovative fatigue testing machine, the electrical signals received from the servo valve should be removed first during operation. Rich and colorful innovative activities such as new entrepreneurship competition, achievement display and technology salon should be carried out to establish a number of innovative models and stimulate the innovation passion and vitality of the whole society

advocate the spirit of honesty. We should carry forward the spirit of integrity that promises to be true and deeds to be resolute, promote the construction of industrial integrity system, promote the sharing of enterprise information among departments, develop industrial credit investigation services, timely release the list of dishonest enterprises, form a social environment with glorious integrity and shameful dishonesty, and make honesty a conscious action

cultivate entrepreneurship. We should advocate the development concept of rejuvenating the country through industry, establish a broad mind of openness, cooperation and win-win results, and strengthen the value orientation of entrepreneurship. Through entrepreneurship training camp, industry leading talent training and other activities, we will cultivate a group of entrepreneurs who dare to take on responsibilities, act bravely, grasp the pulse of the times and have a global vision

(II) consolidate the foundation of industrial culture development

strengthen the theoretical support of industrial culture. We should encourage basic research on industrial culture and form a theoretical system of industrial culture. Carry out research on the supporting role of industrial culture in promoting industrial soft power and building a manufacturing power. Explore the establishment of an industrial culture development index to comprehensively evaluate the development of China's industrial culture

make overall use of various industrial and cultural resources. Carry out investigation on industrial cultural resources, sort out and tap resources such as industrial heritage, industrial tourism, arts and crafts, industrial spirit and professionals, and establish an industrial cultural resource pool. We will strengthen the overall planning and coordination of various resources, promote the protection, opening and sharing of resources, and innovate the use mode

improve the policy standard system. Organize and carry out relevant policy research, and promote the formation of a policy system supporting the development of industrial culture, such as industry, finance and taxation, and talents. We will give full play to the active role of industry organizations and enterprises, improve the basic system and standard system, and establish scientific industrial heritage rating standards

(III) develop industrial culture industry

promote the innovative development of industrial design. Strengthen the guidance of innovative design, and promote the transformation of industrial design from product design to high-end comprehensive design services. Encourage the coordinated development of enterprise industrial design centers and design institutions to expand the industrial design industry. Build an open, shared, professional and efficient public service platform for innovative design and a design cluster with international influence. Encourage the development of design products and services that reflect China's strength and cultural charm

promote the characteristic and brand development of Arts and crafts. Strengthen the protection and inheritance of traditional arts and crafts varieties and skills, and launch a number of Arts and crafts treasures. Actively guide enterprises to use new technologies, new processes, new materials and new designs to innovate and develop the arts and crafts industry. Cultivate a number of demonstration innovation and entrepreneurship arts and crafts characteristic areas and master studios, and create regional brands with arts and crafts characteristics

promote the protection and utilization of industrial heritage. We will carry out investigation, establish an industrial heritage list and a hierarchical protection mechanism, protect a number of industrial heritage and rescue endangered industrial and cultural resources. We will guide social capital into the field of industrial heritage protection, rationally develop and utilize industrial relics, and encourage areas where conditions permit to build industrial museums by using old plants and equipment according to law

vigorously develop industrial tourism. Advocate the concept of green development, and encourage all regions to make use of industrial museums, industrial sites, industrial parks, modern factories and other resources to create industrial tourism products with distinctive regional characteristics. Strengthen coordination with relevant departments to promote the combination of industrial tourism with traditional sightseeing tourism and industrial science popularization education. Enterprises are encouraged to carry out product display and brand publicity by opening production workshops and setting up user experience centers, and build a number of industrial tourism demonstration sites with social public welfare functions

support the development of new forms of industrial culture. The use of digital technology, network technology, virtual reality technology and other modern technological means to promote the innovative development of industrial culture. We will promote the integrated development of industrial culture and new fields such as digital media, wearable devices, robots and intelligent cars, and give birth to a number of new technologies, processes, products and formats. Combine regional advantages and local characteristics to create a number of industrial creative parks and industrial cultural towns

(IV) strengthen the dissemination and promotion of industrial culture

improve the dissemination mechanism of industrial culture. Give full play to the forces of all sectors of society, build an efficient and supportive industrial culture communication system, continuously increase inheritance carriers and expand communication channels, so that the public can better understand, master, apply and participate in the construction and development of industrial culture

promote industrial culture education. Encourage activities such as introducing industrial culture into the campus and skilled talents into the classroom, support enterprises and industrial parks to set up industrial training bases and youth industrial culture education demonstration bases, and carry out multi-level industrial culture education activities

carry out science popularization activities of industrial civilization. We will support enterprises and social organizations to improve their ability to provide science popularization services for industrial civilization, and hold various forms of science popularization activities such as the China Industrial theme day. We will popularize industrial knowledge in key industries and hot areas of social concern and improve the people's understanding of industrial development

strengthen the publicity of industrial culture. We will make comprehensive use of traditional media, new media and other means of communication to expand the publicity of industrial culture. Display industrial and cultural achievements and create a development atmosphere through expositions, forums, competitions and other activities. We will support the creation of cultural works with industrial themes, carry forward China's industrial spirit and disseminate contemporary industrial values

(V) create a new image of national industry

strengthen the concept of green industry. Promote the implementation of green manufacturing, build an efficient and clean green manufacturing system, and develop green industry. Strengthen the efficiency and level of enterprises in fulfilling the social requirements, strengthen the awareness of safety, environmental protection and energy conservation, carry out green management throughout the product life cycle, and create a green image of made in China

cultivate national industrial brands. Implement the special action to improve the quality brand, improve the quality of gonglilian, and launch the new Daron reg; Quality and cultural connotation of RTM products. Strengthen brand awareness, attach equal importance to enhancing scientific and technological R & D capability and implementing brand strategy, mobilize the enthusiasm of various innovation subjects, and build industrial enterprises and industrial brands with international competitiveness

promote the industry to move towards the middle and high end. Promote the development of industrial culture and the simultaneous improvement of scientific and technological strength and manufacturing capacity, enrich the cultural connotation of made in China, and promote the direction of high-end, intelligent, green and service of made in China

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