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"Two factors" continue to increase the pressure Schneider Electric green intelligent manufacturing Innovation Summit interpretation: at present, the alliance units have reached more than 80 industries in the future

facing the difficulty of itot compatibility caused by international equipment, how can enterprises improve their automation level and move towards the future industry

the digital economy is gaining momentum. How can enterprises use innovative technologies to enable green intelligent manufacturing

as the carbon peak date approaches, how to use digital technology to make enterprise production more green and sustainable

the market is changing rapidly. Does the enterprise fight alone or integrate with the ecosystem partners for common development

on May 13, 2021, the continuous impact of the COVID-19 on the global economy and the increasingly severe carbon reduction policies have become two major factors affecting global industrial development. Chinese industrial enterprises are facing both challenges and opportunities. As an expert in digital transformation and a long-term practitioner of sustainable development, Schneider Electric advocates the concept of green intelligent manufacturing, cooperates with ecological collaborative innovation, and combines rich experience in sustainable development with leading digital technology to help industrial enterprises take the initiative to transform and move towards a sustainable road

at the green intelligent manufacturing Innovation Summit on May 20, Schneider or inadvertently scraped the sheet metal, etc., Germany electric will join forces with several heavyweights to bring a feast to industrial customers in discrete, hybrid and process industries with digital transformation, innovative technology application and green sustainable development practice cases. Meanwhile, "qiaojinliang said that the officially released v21.1 ecostruxure TM Automation Expert will also further promote the automation process in the industrial field and bring unique value to end users and engineers

talk about the topic of industrial people

in the industrial field, industrial customers not only need forward-looking technology development trends, but also want to see the implementation of innovative technologies. At the Schneider Electric green intelligent manufacturing Innovation Summit, the guest speakers' speeches covered the development trends of cutting-edge trends, open automation, combination of new technologies and industrial scenes, carbon neutralization and other technologies through the use of wood plastic materials, in addition to the construction around the Beijing Olympic venues and the China Pavilion at the WorldExpo. They also shared practical cases in hot fields, such as the green intelligent manufacturing transformation of Xiaopeng automobile, Jinyu cement's case sharing on the digital transformation of mixed industry and the application of innovative technology in the industrial field provide customers in various professional fields with rare opportunities for discussion and learning

among the speakers, whether the heads of authoritative institutions, such as Pengyu, honorary chairman of PLCopen China organization, Mao Tao, director of the Institute of energy, resources and environment of the international economic and technological cooperation center of the Ministry of industry and information technology, or well-known experts in the industry, such as anxiaopeng, vice president of Ali Research Institute, caojiguang, deputy director of the Institute of technology and standards of China Institute of information and communication, will proceed from their own professional and industrial experience, Bring insights into the future development of China's industry. Xiaopeng automobile, the representative of the new car making force, Jinyu Jidong Cement, the representative of the traditional industrial enterprise, and Tangshan Tongbao parking equipment Co., Ltd., which actively embraces the open automation, as well as new cutting-edge enterprises such as entropy smart technology, Ruifu time, and bugong software, will share green intelligent manufacturing practices from different industry dimensions, bringing more valuable digital transformation reference to customers in different industries

unlock more possibilities, iterative upgrade of open automation platform

in 2020, Schneider Electric released ecostruxuretm open automation platform), which realizes the interconnection, interoperability, software portability and reuse between different hardware and systems through software and hardware decoupling, helps enterprises to untie, release production potential and lead enterprises to a more open future. At the green intelligent manufacturing Innovation Summit on May 20, ecostruxure open automation platform will also be upgraded, and v21.1 will be released soon

at present, in order to meet the increasingly rich needs of customers, industrial operations need unprecedented flexibility, interoperability and efficiency. However, the current automation application is difficult to operate across platforms among equipment in the world. The closed automation system makes it difficult for enterprises to meet the challenges of the digital age. The industrial field urgently needs an open, standard based, future oriented, plug and play engineering software platform. The release of the ecostruxure open automation platform has made this vision possible. Schneider Electric calls on the industry to widely adopt iec-61499 international standard to realize open automation, so that end users can get rid of their dependence on a single supplier. It is reported that the ecostruxure open automation platform in v21.1 provides enhanced information security, diagnosis, discovery, debugging and other functions, as well as updates to the extension library and language support, and adds support for the Chinese version according to the market demand. It is expected that the new version of Schneider Electric ecostruxure open automation platform can bring higher flexibility to end users and better respond to market changes

carbon reduction in action, win-win green and sustainable cooperation with Schneider Electric

according to the 14th five year plan, the next five years will be the key period and window period for China's carbon peak. In the process of carbon neutralization and promoting sustainable and accelerated development, the digital transformation is also accelerating. This coincides with the green intelligent manufacturing proposed and advocated by Schneider Electric in 2019. In Schneider Electric's view, sustainable development is not only a popular word, but also a key factor that has a real impact on business and value growth. Pangxingjian, senior vice president of Schneider Electric and head of industrial automation business in China, believes that the initial focus of achieving sustainable development is to save energy, reduce consumption and cut costs. However, when faced with the disruptive challenges brought about by energy changes such as carbon neutralization and carbon peak, enterprises need partners with comprehensive technology integration capabilities and a deep understanding of sustainability

Schneider Electric advocates to help enterprises realize informatization, automation, digitalization, greening and networking of production and operation through the comprehensive use of information technology, operation technology, data technology, energy technology and communication technology. Pangxingjian said that green intelligent manufacturing can help industry realize the efficiency, toughness and sustainability of the next generation industry, so as to meet the challenge of carbon neutrality

focusing on industry and paying attention to the green intelligent manufacturing Innovation Summit on May 20, Schneider Electric will bring more resounding industry insights to Chinese industrial enterprises by taking forward-looking technology development trends and rich digital transformation practices. It is believed that by virtue of its rich experience and practice in the field of industrial automation and industrial software business, Schneider Electric will help China's industrial enterprise challenge become an opportunity to improve efficiency, green and business toughness, realize the closed-loop business from data to intelligence, and shape the sustainable future of the industry with green intelligent manufacturing

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