The two most popular loaders testify that Yinshui

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Two loaders testify that Yinshui group loves Lovol brand

two loaders testify that Yinshui group loves Lovol brand

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since 2009, Qili beiyinshui Industrial Group Co., Ltd., which has further strengthened technical research, has purchased 50 Lovol loaders and 6 Lovol excavators, including 3 Lovol small excavators and 3 Lovol large excavators. What kind of enterprise is it? Why is it so fond of Lovol? The thermomechanical process of materials is shorter than that of single screw extruder by more than 50%

Hebei Yinshui Industrial Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yinshui group) is a large private industrial company integrating transportation, steel, cement, slag powder, iron powder processing and mechanical processing. The company is located in Tangshan City, Hebei Province, and was established in July, 2003

in the words of xiongyoujun, general manager of Yinshui group, Yinshui and Lovol originated from two loaders, which made Yinshui and Lovol form a brotherly strategic partnership and achieved an amazing journey of brand cooperation

self confidence comes from reliable quality

as a large private enterprise integrating iron and steel, transportation, iron powder processing and other businesses, Yinshui group has hundreds of excavators, loaders and various transportation vehicles, and nearly 500 full-time drivers alone. In the selection of construction machinery, Yinshui group used to mainly choose foreign brands, but now mainly Lovol brands. Due to the special working conditions of the steel plant, the long-term heavy load environment has great wear on the machinery, and the equipment has been updated more frequently. In 2009, Yinshui group plans to update a batch of loaders. After releasing information through the bidding process, many host enterprises have come to bid, and Lovol is one of them

in terms of brand influence alone, Lovol does not have an advantage. However, Lovol proposes to send two loaders to users for free for trial use for one year. During this year, if there is any quality problem with the equipment, customers can return it at any time. After the expiration of one year, customers can return steel and titanium alloy without any reason. The base number is generally 10; For non-ferrous metals, special steels and goods under high temperature, corrosion and other experimental conditions. This condition has attracted the attention of customers, making Lovol stand out from many competitors and become the ultimate winner. Fengyonggang, the service manager of Jidong Construction Machinery Sales Co., Ltd., the agent of Lovol in Tangshan who participated in the bidding at that time, said that Lovol made this decision because of its full confidence in the quality of its own products

at that time, Lovol was a late entrant in Tangshan market. Many people didn't know much about Lovol, and customers accepted Lovol's products with a try and see attitude. But there is a saying in the countryside: a mule is a horse. You have to slip away before you know it. After a period of use, the customer soon found that Lovol loaders are really easy to use, not only durable but also proven. Mr. Xiong told me where he would send Lovol loaders for the heaviest and most tiring work in order to test the performance of the products. To his surprise, these two Lovol loaders can complete the task very well every time

Yinshui group loader operator tangyanchun

Yinshui group construction machinery maintenance station

manipulator trust

if you have any questions about President Xiong, let's listen to the voice of the operator again. Tangyanchun, a native of Tangshan, joined Yinshui group in 1994 and has been engaged in loader operation. He witnessed the performance of the two Lovol fr956f loaders in Yinshui. He said that the two loaders are especially durable and have been in normal use since 1989. They have never had any major problems. Master Tang also vividly introduced to us that the chassis quality of Lovol loaders is very good. In their place, other loaders purchased in the past have to be repaired at least twoorthree times a month. Lovol loaders cannot be repaired once every six months. If they are new cars, there will be no problems within three years. President Xiong added that according to the operating conditions of Yinshui, the service life of a loader is generally about two years. The Lovol loader entered in 2009 has been used for more than eight years, four times the service life of normal machinery, saving a lot of costs for the enterprise. Its quality is really convincing

taking service production as the first priority

as an enterprise that used to focus on foreign brands, Mr. Xiong cannot be impressed by quality alone. Another important reason for him to choose Lovol equipment is Lovol's service. He said that no matter how good the product quality is, it is impossible not to have problems. Each equipment in the steel plant is configured according to the work position, and the way of people stopping and machines stopping is adopted, with 24-hour rotation. If there is a problem with any machine, it will affect the next process, and even directly affect the operation of the whole plant. Therefore, the normal use of machinery must be guaranteed. "Lovol's service ability is very strong. Whenever there is a problem with the machine, they are on call and never affect our work." This is what makes Mr. Xiong particularly satisfied

speaking of Lovol's service, manager Feng told us a story. In 2009, after two Lovol loaders were successfully tried out in Yinshui group, it turned to the first day of the first month of the second year. In order to test Lovol's service ability, the team manager of Yinshui reported for repair to the service engineer of the agent of Lovol - Jidong construction engineering group. Within two hours, Lovol's service engineer arrived at the designated location. When the news reached president Xiong, he was very moved. He said: "on the first day of the lunar new year, we are sticking to our posts, which shows that Lovol's service ability is trustworthy."

excavator operator Yu Jian (middle) of Yinshui group took a group photo with fengyonggang (right), service manager of Jidong Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., and the personnel of Lovol factory as a souvenir.

excellent service

the service principle of Jidong Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. is to take service production as the first priority and do not delay the production of the manufacturer as the guiding ideology. For Yinshui group, they adopted the principle of priority for repair, that is, if the equipment in several places failed at the same time, and the personnel could not take care of it all, they would give priority to arrange the repair of Yinshui equipment. Feng Jing explained: "the steel plant implements 24-hour production, and the shutdown of one equipment will affect other subsequent processes. Therefore, we give priority to ensuring that Yinshui group starts from the actual situation of the enterprise." In order to ensure the normal use of the equipment, Lovol has built a small parts warehouse in Yinshui group to ensure that it can be used and taken at any time. All accessories of Yinshui group are original parts provided by the manufacturer, which greatly improves the service life of the machine. According to Mr. Xiong, the manufacturer is responsible for providing services during the three guarantee period. If there are major problems with the equipment outside the three guarantee period, the manufacturer will help solve them. If there are small problems, the maintenance personnel of the enterprise will solve them themselves. Most of the operating personnel of Yinshui group are old drivers with more than ten years of working experience. 127 elastic sealant for insulating glass has rich practical experience and theoretical basis, and has some experience in equipment maintenance and common fault handling

since the two enterprises belong to different fields, they will also encounter some conflicts in the service process. Manager Feng said that Yinshui group implements a 24-hour working system, and production is carried out without Saturdays, Sundays, or even holidays. Jidong Construction Engineering Group implements a five-day working system, and the service personnel have normal weekends. What should we do in this case? In accordance with the principle of "everything for production", Jidong Construction Engineering Group has introduced the weekend duty system. As long as the user calls, the service engineer on duty can immediately provide thoughtful, warm and timely services to the user. He also told us about a recent incident. A few days ago, it happened to be Friday. A service engineer asked for two days' leave to help his father-in-law build a house. At this time, one of the loaders of Yinshui group had a fault, so manager Feng urgently asked the employee to rush back to deal with it. After hearing the situation, the employee immediately rushed back from his father-in-law's house and put it into the repair site of the faulty car. After emergency repair, the problem was completely solved, which ensured the normal operation of the machine and was highly praised by the customers

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