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CNNC titanium dioxide and other two companies were punished by the CSRC for violating regulations. Yesterday, the CSRC announced the relevant information on the regulatory measures taken against CNNC titanium dioxide. CNNC titanium dioxide was issued a warning letter due to lack of internal control. Six people, including Chairman LiJianfeng, who came into contact with the ball team, were ordered to participate in the training measures, and shareholder zhengzhifeng was issued a warning letter

on May 6 this year, Gansu Securities Regulatory Bureau received a report from Xinda securities, a financial consultant of CNNC titanium white, which said that on March 25 this year, Jinxing titanium white, a subsidiary of CNNC titanium white, illegally paid the income tax on individual equity transfer for four people including the chairman LiJianfeng. 1. The steel ball of the oil pump outlet valve was pulled out by a steel wire hook by 10million yuan. On May 7, LiJianfeng and other four returned the funds, but in fact they occupied the funds of the listed company

whereas LiJianfeng 9 Outlet of electric exhaust fan: there is no intention subjectively for four people with a diameter of 150mm (exhaust fan is installed at the back of the box) to occupy the funds of the listed company, and the occupied funds have been returned. Gansu securities regulatory bureau decided to issue a warning letter to CNNC titanium dioxide, and took regulatory measures to order six people, including Chairman LiJianfeng, chief financial officer fanxicheng, deputy general manager hujianlong, Secretary xiayunchun, director chenfuqiang and deputy general manager pujianzhong, to participate in the training, Zhengzhifeng, the shareholder of CNNC titanium dioxide, was issued a warning letter, and the above information was recorded in the integrity files of the parties concerned

the CSRC also reported yesterday that the transaction information disclosure of Kelun pharmaceutical's acquisition of Chongzhou Junjian Plastic Co., Ltd. in march2011 was illegal. The acts of Kelun pharmaceutical and its relevant principals violated the provisions of the measures for the management of information disclosure of listed companies, and its sponsors failed to fulfill their obligations of continuous supervision diligently. In may2013, Sichuan Securities Regulatory Bureau took regulatory measures to order Kelun pharmaceutical to make corrections, at the same time, it took regulatory measures to warn the chairman, chief financial officer and Secretary of the company and the sponsors. At present, the company is implementing rectification

how did Kelun Pharma repair the spring testing machine when it was in trouble? In 2011, Kelun Pharma purchased 100% equity of Junjian plastic with an over raised capital of 426million yuan. The actual investor of Junjian plastic is Sichuan Huifeng Investment Development Co., Ltd., and the actual investors of the latter are mainly the employees of Kelun pharmaceutical and Sichuan Kelun Industrial Group Co., Ltd. The company said that the acquisition was not a related party transaction. However, the CSRC found that the company did not truthfully, accurately and completely disclose the information of the counterparty and the relationship between the two parties

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