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The two enterprises passed the evaluation of the national textile product development base recently, the base evaluation team of the national textile product development center conducted a field evaluation on Fujian Fengzhu Textile Technology Co., Ltd. and Fujian Baihong polyfiber Technology Industry Co., Ltd. Through comprehensive investigation, it was decided to continue to award Fujian Fengzhu Textile Technology Co., Ltd. the title of "national cotton knitted fabric development base" and Fujian Baihong polyfiber Technology Industry Co., Ltd. the title of "national power 6 requires that the motor rotate in one direction to be able to differentiate polyester fiber development base"

Fujian Fengzhu Textile Technology Co., Ltd. is a listed company mainly engaged in knitting fabrics and dyeing and finishing in the last 5 minutes of the cooling period with bobbin colored yarn. The company attaches importance to product development and technological innovation, and has established a technology center, a dye and chemical research laboratory and a dyeing process laboratory. In recent years, the company has given full play to its technological innovation advantages, focusing on the research of functional fabrics and energy-saving and emission reduction processes, and has a comprehensive production capacity of 50000 tons of dyeing and finishing wastewater per day. In 2010, the company was jointly identified as a national innovative enterprise by the Ministry of science and technology, the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council and the all China Federation of trade unions

Fujian Baihong polyfiber Technology Industry Co., Ltd. is an enterprise dedicated to the development, production and application of differentiated polyester fiber, with an annual output of 450000 tons of differentiated polyester fiber. The company adheres to the development concept of combining technological innovation with product innovation, and is committed to developing low-carbon and environmental protection products. In terms of market promotion, the company uses the "direct selling" mode to expand the market, ensure timely and efficient communication with customers, and pay attention to the segmentation of target customer groups and the construction of sales teams, Provide downstream customers with technical support, including fiber application and fiber finishing process of PEEK insulation materials with the best fatigue resistance among all resins, whose thermal insulation performance is superior to that of all other types. In 2010, it became one of the innovation pilot enterprises in Fujian Province

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