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At present, there are many large and small digital signage manufacturers in China. At the same time, the quality, price and service of products are different, and the price of products with good service and big brand is not cheap; Compared with the more affordable ones, there is a gap in product quality and service. However, it has seriously hindered the normal and orderly development of the digital signage industry. There are two major cancers: the imperfect market mechanism and the lack of self-discipline

for those brands that have influence in the country, the current market situation is not ideal. Whether it is the consumption ability, or the industry environment, especially the difference of the owner's customer concept, many businesses have difficulties to tell. The impact of too many small brands and even miscellaneous brands on the industry market has exacerbated the market share of brands. We are already familiar with Shanzhai. Shanzhai from all walks of life has long been common to us. However, the long-term proliferation of Shanzhai has also damaged the digital signage brand, and the good and bad products are intermingled

fierce brand disputes and imperfect market mechanism

in the past few years, the development of digital signage has been bright, and the manufacturers who invested in the Digital Signage Industry in the early stage have made a lot of profits. Under the trend of strong interests, many digital display manufacturers have begun to enter the Digital Signage Industry one after another. In order to achieve this high level of disputes, for the promising future, the digital signage market is fully competitive, the strong expansion of big brands, and the capitalized operation, Small brands flow in the low end, and the development of second and third tier brands is becoming increasingly difficult. Each brand is seeking its own way of survival. Combined with its own enterprise's years of experience, including product experience, marketing experience and long-term judgment on the market, enterprises are forced to look for big differences in homogeneous competition. That is, brand positioning has created the brands that are active in the market that we are now concerned about

the digital standard needs to show more the ability of plastics and polymer composites. The development path of most brands in the brand industry is not very clear from the beginning. It is more about finding, adjusting and revising in the process of constantly participating in market competition. A core value advantage is indeed established, not out of thin air. It is based on the examination of the enterprise's advantageous assets and the weak links of market competition The interests and demands of consumers are not paid enough attention. After a period of development, it is easy to see polarization, some of which are transferred from civilian use to commercial use, and some of which find their own defects and leave. Nowadays, the development of the digital signage industry is approaching maturity. There are a wide variety of products, which have been developed in different styles, different functions, different sizes, and almost conceivable. Today's innovation continues, not only in appearance, but also in technology and function. It is more and more difficult to launch truly differentiated products

the copycat rampant industry lacks self-discipline

if the digital signage industry is only affected by the general environmental and economic factors "If we want to provide customers with multi-material technology, this is not too serious, but if there are contradictions in the industry's own mechanism or within the industry, it is indeed fatal to the development of the industry. In the brand scuffle, we have learned that many manufacturers have begun to dispute the big cake of the digital signage market, which means that preempting sales and competing for customers have become an urgent issue for digital signage manufacturers to consider, so So in daily sales, some merchants' shopping guides do not hesitate to maliciously attack competitive brands or even slander other brands in order to achieve sales. However, the industry has no alternative to this phenomenon. In fact, the disordered competition in the digital signage industry has also exposed a lack of self-discipline in the industry. The digital signage industry has not been able to form a relevant association or institution with the Digital Signage Industry as the main content due to its short development time and the lack of local brands with industry influence. It is difficult for brands to have the opportunity to communicate with each other and do something together for the development of the industry

shoddy goods and imitation of famous brands are the main manifestations of Shanzhai. The better the product, the easier it is to be Shanzhai. The reason is that it is simple to "sew" the interlayer. Small companies are nameless and have no money at the beginning of their establishment. It is their goal to spend the least money to create the most powerful market effect. It is undoubtedly a shortcut for manufacturers with strong publicity and high popularity. In terms of living environment, copycat behavior not only damages the interests of customers and enterprises, but also makes the market more chaotic

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