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On May 18, the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of industry and information technology issued the notice on the implementation of major engineering packages for manufacturing upgrading (hereinafter referred to as the notice), which clearly defined the implementation of major engineering packages for manufacturing upgrading, Adhere to innovation driven coordinated development, comprehensively promote the upgrading of traditional industries and the development of emerging industries, promote the manufacturing industry to be high-end, intelligent, green and service-oriented, and identify 10 key projects such as intelligent transformation, basic capacity improvement and green manufacturing promotion

ten major projects promote the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry

tengtai, President of Wanbo Economic Research Institute, analyzed the daily economy that "hard wealth" such as manufacturing should also increase soft value, which requires the transformation and upgrading of our manufacturing industry

the notice points out that through three years' efforts, the added value of manufacturing above Designated Size will increase by more than 7% annually, and the investment in technological transformation of enterprises will increase by about 15% annually. Establish the concept of "the government buys domestic products" and support domestic innovative products through the government's first purchase, ordering and purchase of services

"in a difficult period for the manufacturing industry, the government should play a leading role." Lian Ping, chief economist of Bank of Communications (5.260, -0.02, -0.38%), told the daily economy that "the government buys domestic goods" is also an international practice

however, Wang Jun, deputy director of the information department and researcher of the China Center for international economic exchanges, specially reminded that such a policy must be measured carefully and must not become a long-term and mandatory policy to avoid the occurrence of "enterprises lying in the arms of the government"

it is not easy for the added value to increase by more than 7%

according to the data of the world bank, the added value of China's manufacturing industry ranked first in the world in 2013, accounting for 20.8%. However, since 2013, the added value of manufacturing above designated size has declined year after year. In 2015, the figure was 7%. In the first quarter of this year, the degree of serialization and production scope of high-end fluorine material products further fell to 6.5%

Duwei, partner and managing director of Boston Consulting Company, analyzed the daily economy. In recent years, the growth rate of manufacturing industry has slowed down. One of the main challenges is that the growth rate of production efficiency is not completely consistent with the growth rate of cost. In the past few years, the prices of labor, energy and raw materials have risen much faster than the growth rate of production efficiency. Therefore, Improving the production efficiency of manufacturing industry has become the key factor to promote the development of manufacturing industry

in the past two years, policies for the manufacturing industry have been issued frequently. After the release of "made in China 2025", Guangdong, Zhejiang, Gansu and other places quickly followed up, and 11 supporting special plans are also being prepared. The "enhancing the core competitiveness of the manufacturing industry" has been listed as one of the major investment projects by the national development and Reform Commission

according to the notice, China's manufacturing industry is large but not strong, the ability of independent innovation is weak, and the production mode is extensive. The task of transformation and upgrading is very arduous. It is urgent to organize and implement major engineering packages for upgrading. Through the implementation of major engineering packages, we will strive to achieve an average annual growth of more than 7% in the added value of manufacturing above Designated Size through three years of efforts

in this regard, Wang Jun analyzed to the daily economy that many categories of China's manufacturing industry are facing different degrees of overcapacity. Under the task of de capacity and de leverage, it is not easy for the growth rate of manufacturing added value to reach 7% this year

in the manufacturing sector, increasing new supply can be achieved not only through the creation of new products, but also through the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing industries. "Mercedes Benz once boasted that what it sold was not a vehicle, but a work of art that 'happened to run'. This is soft value." Tengtai said

in addition to the value-added growth target of 7%, the notice issued this time also proposes that the enterprise's investment in technological transformation should achieve an average annual growth of about 15%. "DSM's advanced materials have helped us achieve outstanding sales deeds

" in the process of promoting the development of the manufacturing industry, on the one hand, we need to transform the old kinetic energy, on the other hand, we need to develop new industries. The transition zone in the middle is to transform the old kinetic energy with new technologies. This part has great potential. " Wang Jun believes that although China's traditional manufacturing industry has excess capacity, it has a good foundation. The use of new technologies and concepts for transformation and upgrading can also provide power for the economy to adjust the room temperature to the long working conditions of the pendulum impact tester

some manufacturing enterprises interviewed by the daily economy also said that the manufacturing industry is highly competitive, and enterprises have a strong motivation for transformation and upgrading and technological transformation for their own development

the notice identified 10 key projects such as intelligent transformation and green manufacturing promotion. The major project package includes "major industrial base construction project", which also includes five specific projects: petrochemical industry base construction, chemical industry park (base) construction, steel base construction, ship base upgrading and industrial transfer undertaking

notice 4. Ultra quiet: using pump sources imported from Japan requires relevant departments and local governments to establish a long-term mechanism to promote the upgrading and transformation of the manufacturing industry according to the construction needs of major projects, further improve the financial, tax, financial and other policy systems, create a good atmosphere, and accelerate the implementation of major projects

top 10 key projects

intelligent transformation project, basic capacity improvement project, green manufacturing promotion project, high-end equipment [2.31%] development project, key new materials development project, aerospace capacity building project, electronic information upgrading project, quality and brand improvement project, service-oriented manufacturing transformation project, major industrial base construction project

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