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The two ministries and commissions promote "Internet +" convenient transportation to promote the development of intelligent transportation. It was learned from the national development and Reform Commission on the 5th that in order to thoroughly implement the guiding opinions of the State Council on actively promoting "Internet +" action, promote the deep integration of transportation and Internet to attract international chemical companies, and promote the development of intelligent transportation, the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of transport issued the implementation plan for promoting "Internet +" convenient transportation to promote the development of intelligent transportation

the goal of the scheme is to implement the key demonstration project of "Internet +" convenient transportation, basically realize the public's timely access to traffic dynamic information through mobile Internet terminals by 2018, complete the "one-stop" services of navigation, ticketing, payment and other passenger transport in the whole process, and improve the user's travel experience; Basically realize the interconnection of "all-in-one transportation card" in key urban agglomerations, and "one joint control" for key operating vehicles (ships); The integration of online and offline enterprises was accelerated, and "one order to the end" was first realized in the backbone logistics channel in China; Basically realize the interconnection of transportation infrastructure, vehicles and operation information, and make the system operation safer and more efficient, "he said

the objectives also include: Based on the "13th five year plan" and focusing on the development needs for a longer period of time, gradually form a "traffic mobile space" in which passengers' travel and business, shopping and consumption, leisure and entertainment permeate each other; Realize the full open sharing of all kinds of traffic information (2) failure or damage caused by improper operation;, Break information asymmetry, accurately connect supply and demand, and efficiently allocate resources; Gradually build an intelligent transportation system of "three systems and two supports", realize the independent development and large-scale application of advanced technology and equipment, and comprehensively improve the transportation service efficiency, resource allocation efficiency and traffic management ability

the plan puts forward requirements for improving the intelligent transportation service system, building an intelligent operation management system, improving the intelligent decision support system, strengthening the support of intelligent transportation infrastructure, Comprehensively Strengthening the standards and technical support of sunshine power 2, creating a loose and orderly development environment, and implementing the key demonstration projects of "Internet +" convenient transportation. The specific contents include promoting the Beidou satellite navigation system Promote the integrated development of transportation enterprises and Internet enterprises, improve the traffic management and control system, and vigorously promote the industrialization of intelligent transportation

the notice issued by the two ministries and commissions pointed out that it is necessary to give full play to the leading, demonstration and leverage role of government investment, fully attract social capital to participate in the construction and operation of intelligent transportation, build an open and inclusive development environment, improve laws and regulations, and encourage the development of new business forms and models

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