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Abstract: the latest financial products: 360 you wealth will launch current products connected to the gold exchange, Tongban Street will launch insurance products, Youxin will launch any bag, and xinhehui will launch small personal re lending business

Hello everyone, the product intelligence bureau is meeting with you again. Recently, 360 platforms such as your fortune, Tongban street, Nuo pound guest and jd.com have launched new products. Let's have a look

1360 your fortune launched a current product to connect with the gold exchange, which can achieve the same day arrival

recently, 360 your fortune launched a new current product - xiaohuobao, which has a seven day historical expected annualized yield of 3.85%. Recently, 360 your fortune has been doing activities. Users can click to dig treasure or invite friends to get experience money to get a higher expected annualized yield

the initial investment amount of this product is only 0.01 yuan. The expected annualized income is calculated on t+1 day after the fund is transferred in, and the current day arrival can be realized before 8 p.m. with less than 50000 yuan. However, the cash withdrawal per day cannot exceed 500000 yuan. The investment target is open-ended cash management financial products. The product manager is Guangzhou asset trading center Co., Ltd.

2 Tongban Street online insurance products. Funds and insurance are standard on the platform

recently, Tongban Street opened an insurance channel, which is also the third type of external assets accessed by Tongban street in addition to P2P assets. Previously, Tongban Street cooperated with Guosen Securities, Tianfeng securities and Fortune Securities to guide it; Later, the fund channel was launched in cooperation with Tiantian fund network, and the subscription rate was reduced by 10% for the whole audience; With the current insurance channel, Tongban street has really become a financial supermarket, or use the platform to position itself - a one-stop intelligent wealth management platform

3 nono pound customer launched a step-by-step interest rate increase product, which can obtain a maximum expected annualized interest rate of 10.5%

nono pound customer launched a step-by-step expected annualized income product. From the historical expected annualized income of 7.2%, the expected annualized income rate increases by 0.3% every month, and can obtain a maximum historical expected annualized income of 10.5%. Moreover, the product will make up the expected annualized income difference of all previous months on the next full investment month. In other words, different from the general ladder expected annualized income products, if the user has invested for two months, the expected annualized income is: investment amount × (7.2%+0.3%)× 60/365, but lower than the expected annualized return: investment amount × 7.2%× 30/365+ investment amount × 7.5%× 30/365。

currently, products can only be purchased on apps

4 jd.com will push the decoration white note again, with a maximum amount of 500000, supporting six periods of interest free

on the white note page of jd.com finance, select the white note loan, enter the decoration white note, and you can choose the white note products of different home decoration companies. At present, the most cost-effective is B & Q in the active period, with a loan limit of 20000-500000, supporting 6122436 installments. By the end of this year, six installments were interest free, and the monthly expected annualized interest rate of 12, 24 and 36 installments was 0.3%. The scope of decoration services covers 17 cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Nanjing, Xiamen, Wuhan and Chongqing

but the author opened the product introduction of each merchant in turn and found that 360 decoration network and mung bean home decoration can be repaid in three or six months in installments, which can be repaid in a lump sum after maturity. The annual expected annualized interest rate of 360 decoration network in 12-month installments is 3%, and the annual expected annualized interest rate of 24-month installments is 6%. In addition, different home decoration companies serve different cities. Unexpectedly, home only supports Beijing and Wuhan, Yuanzhou decoration only supports Beijing, and most other companies support more than 10 cities. Interested partners can open white bars for research

5 Youxin launched any bag and wants to invest 20billion plus in auto finance

at present, you can't see the relevant information of any bag on the official website of Youxin used car. You can only see its previously launched financial solution product - pay half. Unlike any bag, half of the payment is for C-end consumers. According to reports, users only need to mention their mobile phone number, debit card and ID card to apply for half payment, and there are no restrictions on registered residence, real estate and other conditions. In terms of car purchase schemes, there are roughly two kinds:

1. Less than half of the down payment of the vehicle price. There is no monthly payment during the period. After two years, make up the balance to complete the car purchase, or return the vehicle to Youxin used car, which is equivalent to a two-year car rental scheme

2. Less than half of the vehicle price will be automatically deducted every month, and the loan will be paid off after two years

6 xinhehui's transaction volume exceeds 60billion and will be launched into small personal re lending business

it is understood that xinhehui's current average monthly transaction volume is 4.5 billion yuan, and the average daily transaction volume is 100-150 million yuan, which is as amazing as Tongban street, with a per capita investment of 40000-60000 yuan

it is understood that at the beginning of this year, xinhehui has designed and completed a number of financing products for individual customers, and has completed the incubation pilot with Bank of Ningbo. It will be launched in the Yangtze River Delta in the near future. In the future, the personal re lending business will be launched. "At that time, the average financing amount of xinhehui's platform will be significantly reduced, in order to better meet the needs of market development and provide more professional security services for investors", xinhehui said

as for how to deal with the existing bridge loans of enterprises, xinhehui insiders said that an announcement against the new regulations would be issued in the near future. (author: Bu Gujun)




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