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LEGO Machinery Group launched a new remote-controlled off-road vehicle, which can be controlled intelligently through control+app

LEGO Group joined hands with racing driver Han Han and illustrator Huang Sheng to open the creative painting challenge

(August 5, 2019, China) LEGO Group launched a new product of the machinery group in the second half of 2019, of which 42099 RC X-treme remote-controlled off-road vehicle is equipped with an upgraded power operating system, which is controlled through control+ app, with new playing methods and technological innovation, Bring new and interesting fun experiences to LEGO players. In addition, LEGO Group also worked with famous writer, director, racing driver Han Han and famous illustrator Huang Sheng to control the mechanical group 42099 RC X-treme remote control off-road vehicle through control+ app, which can automatically complete the experimental creative painting challenge after setting the scheme, and encourage LEGO fans to unlock more challenging and creative playing methods through the splicing of thousands of LEGO particles, so as to obtain a distinctive innovative way of "real machine ability, really dare to play"

the challenge of combining mechanical kinetic energy, high reduction and thousands of particles is LEGO ® The soul of mechanical group, LEGO ® Since its birth, the mechanical group has been popular with LEGO fans and mechanical enthusiasts. This series has exquisite design and rich parts. The software of LEGO static load tensile testing machine system is used to design particles to restore the mechanical structure and operation principle, and parts such as beams, bearings, gears and sensors are used to realize complete and real mechanical transmission

in the second half of 2019, LEGO Group upgraded the fun experience of the mechanical group again, replacing the original power function system. At the initial stage of the product model, most of the upgraded power operation system of the hydraulic universal experimental machine, realizing a new Bluetooth connection, and controlling through control+app, making the game more realistic and closer to the functions of real vehicles, maintaining real technical operations, and making LEGO players immersive, Rich and interesting fun experience

control + app control system:

- Bluetooth connected device

- intelligent control, Automation function (personalized customized application to control the steering system)

- extension of control range

- real-time visual data feedback and user interface

- support version update

- you can search for "LEGO technology" in Apple store or search for "LEGO mechanical group control plus" in Tencent app to download control+ app

the new 42099 RC X-treme remote control SUV is LEGO ® The mechanical group is the first 4x4 off-road vehicle operated by app, which is composed of 958 Lego blocks. The biggest highlight is that it is not only as sporty as a real car, but also that players can easily control the off-road vehicle to move forward and backward, accelerate the brakes, cross obstacles and even travel in different ways through control+app. Equipped with realistic XL motor, l motor and mobile hub, the four giant tires are equipped with independent suspension, so players can easily challenge various complex terrain

LEGO mechanical group 420 operators should pay attention to the maintenance of various parts of the hydraulic system of the experimental machine and the protection of the hydraulic system at ordinary times. 99 RC X-treme remote control off-road vehicle

this time, LEGO Group also joined hands with director Han Han and illustrator Huang Sheng to jointly launch the "real machine ability, real dare to play" creative challenge of the mechanical group 42099 RC X-treme remote control off-road vehicle, using the upgraded power control system, controlled through control+ app, Remotely operate the off-road vehicle. As the car raced past, the ink dripper at the bottom left traces, and the tires rolled into a painting, which unexpectedly depicted an unexpected and poetic landscape

LEGO 42099 RC X-treme remote control off-road vehicle shows amazing characteristics in all aspects. Through the creative play and control of Han Han and Huang Sheng, it shows its powerful power function attributes in unexpected ways. Creative blockbusters are cool and artistic. From planning, splicing, testing to the final remote control painting, Han Han and Huang Sheng creatively collided, challenged themselves, and perfectly interpreted LEGO ® The essence of the "real machine can, really dare to play" of the mechanical group

Han Han and Huang Sheng carry out LEGO mechanical group real machine ability, really dare to play creative challenge

in addition to 42099 RC X-treme remote control SUV, LEGO Group also launched other new products of mechanical group series [42097 exquisite crawler crane] and [42098 automobile transport vehicle]. Constantly updated product application technology makes more innovative creative play possible. All Legos ® The new products of the machinery group have been sold in LEGO authorized stores, Lego brand flagship stores and other channels since August 1

about LEGO Group

LEGO Group is committed to enlightening and cultivating future builders through the power of play. Based on Lego building block particles, Lego play system allows children and fans to play together freely and give full play to their imagination

In 1932, LEGO Group was founded by ole Kirk Kristiansen in Bilong, Denmark. The brand name of "LEGO" comes from the combination of two Danish words "leg" and "godt", which means "play well"

today, LEGO Group is still a family business headquartered in billon, and its products have been sold to more than 140 countries and regions around the world. Please browse for more information

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