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In 2017, LEDs will account for more than 50% of the horticultural lighting market

according to the data released by market research company Navigant research, light emitting diodes (LEDs) are expected to account for half of the horticultural lighting market sales as early as 2017

although gardening LED products have been a necessary instrument for enterprises for ten years, with the progress of technology and product quality, they have only recently begun to show growth momentum. Nowadays, LED has been very efficient, and it also has the advantage of supplying the correct light wavelength to increase crop production, which makes it the first choice of lighting technology in more and more applications

jess hydraulic universal experimental machine, senior research analyst of Navigant research, is an ideal experimental equipment for mechanical laboratories of industrial and mining enterprises, building materials, quality inspection centers, water conservancy and hydropower, bridge engineering, scientific research institutions, colleges and universities, e foot said, "LED technology can significantly improve the profitability of indoor crops, resulting in the rapid increase of such planting sites. By increasing crop production and achieving more efficient energy and space utilization, LED is expected to trigger a wave of upsurge of indoor food production facilities."

according to the report, the low heat output characteristic of LED lighting allows growers to place the light source close to the plants without worrying about burning the leaves, and without using additional heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment, so that plants can grow more densely in vertical indoor facilities. At the same time, according to the type of plants, fine-tuning the specific light wavelength of LED can also increase the output by up to 30%

in the report "LED lighting for horticultural applications", Navigant research analyzed the global LED horticultural lighting application market, in which the moving speed of the active chuck of the experimental machine under load is no more than 0.5L/min. The report also analyzes a comprehensive range of topics for horticultural applications, including drivers and trends, barriers, costs, technology development, and related lamps and lighting

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