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LED street light pole: lighting, charging, WiFi, video monitoring can do everything

not only lighting, but also charging electric vehicles, connecting WiFi, supervising the production of experimental machines by Jinan experimental machine factory Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. for more than 10 years, controlling road vision, monitoring PM2.5, releasing temperature, wind speed, air pressure and other information with a unified appearance... Street light pole can also become such an "all-round player". Yesterday, 20 new composite road light poles were unveiled in zuo'anmen West Street. In the future, they will collect data and provide intelligent services for the construction of smart cities in the city

a multi-function street lamp pole is used as an "informant"

the beige pole body, and the gold copper base is decorated with auspicious clouds. From the appearance alone, these 20 street lamp poles on zuo'anmen West Street are obviously different from those in other places. The bigger difference is the function. Ordinary streetlight poles can only be used for lighting, while these streetlight poles are "one pole with multiple functions". The top cylinder is a WiFi signal transceiver, which can provide free services for citizens; The shorter one is the lighting street lamp; Then down is the monitoring probe, followed by the electronic display screen and environmental sensor; Half a person high is a public charging pile. The Beijing Morning Post saw that the electronic display screen with a blue background has real-time data information such as PM2.5, temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, noise, atmospheric pressure and so on. At the same time, it also shows how many charging piles there are on this road, how many are charging and how many are idle

as the specific implementer of the composite lamp pole project, Bailu, chief engineer of Beijing urban lighting management center, said: "the Beijing composite lamp pole project combines the IOT and Internet system to realize the functions of intelligent security video monitoring, wireless city WiFi coverage, PM2 through the replacement of pendulum and sample base.5 intelligent sensing, intelligent charging pile, municipal facilities monitoring and so on by building a 'smart city access platform'."

According to chenrenxian, deputy director of the operation and maintenance department of Beijing urban lighting management center, the lighting system of the street lamp pole adopts 160 watt LED lights, which illuminate soft warm white light at night, and each single light can be monitored and monitored independently. I hope I can help you.

"after installing the system, the operation of each street lamp can be monitored in real time on the computer," he opened the tablet in his hand and gently clicked a few times, and the image monitored by the camera appeared on the screen. "After finding the fault, the staff can accurately locate which light in which section of the road, eliminating the link of manual night inspection and greatly saving manpower." Chen Renxian said

road equipment is also included in the safety monitoring. As long as the object with speed sensor moves, the background can send an alarm. Subsequently, a staff member suddenly opened a manhole cover next to the street lamp, and the words "manhole cover abnormal attention to safety" immediately appeared on the tablet computer in Chen Renxian's hand. At the same time, the monitoring video image on the computer screen also turned to the direction of the manhole cover. "This function can be extended to many municipal facilities on the street."

the function of charging at any time is being tested.

the composite road lamp pole can also bring convenience to ordinary citizens. Walking near the compound lamp post, turn on WiFi to search for a signal called "fuhexingludeng". After logging in, you can use WiFi network for free

the author noticed that on the side of the lamp pole close to the road, there was a small door with a palm size. When it was opened, it was the charging socket of the electric vehicle. In the future, as long as you use app software, you can locate the information of rechargeable circuit lamp poles and make an appointment to charge at any time. The owner only needs to park the car beside the street lamp, scan the QR code of the charging pile and install the relevant app to start charging. The charging fee is calculated and paid according to the charging time, electricity, etc. Chen Renxian said that since the system is still in the final stage, it is expected to realize the electric vehicle charging function for citizens after the test function is completed

the author learned that the municipal urban lighting management center will build 100 composite road light poles on the pilot roads in the six districts of the city. In addition to zuo'anmen West Street, it will also be set up in the South Street of sculpture garden, Gongti North Road, Douban Hutong and other sections. It is understood that the streets with composite lamp posts must have several conditions, such as a street lamp power point close to the roadside, parking spaces, sufficient power capacity and without affecting the surrounding traffic

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