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Shanghai legislates to restrict excessive packaging of goods and guide the concept of healthy and economical consumption

according to the report of I times, on November 21 last year, the 37th meeting of the Standing Committee of the 13th Shanghai Municipal People's Congress deliberated 1. Several Provisions on the reduction of commodity packaging in Shanghai (hereinafter referred to as the "provisions") were adopted for the production of corrosion-resistant parts, which will be implemented from February 1 this year. This is the first regulation in China that specifically limits excessive packaging and promotes the reduction of commodity packaging. It is of great significance for advocating appropriate packaging, limiting excessive packaging and promoting energy conservation and emission reduction. The Municipal Bureau of quality supervision made a detailed interpretation of the provisions:

excessive packaging of goods not only wastes resources and pollutes the environment, but also leads to falsely high commodity prices, damages the interests of consumers, and encourages extravagance and corruption

the purpose of this legislation is to restrict and restrict the excessive packaging of goods, and promote the effective implementation of national mandatory standards. The second is to reduce packaging waste and domestic waste, promote the comprehensive utilization of resources, and promote the transformation and development of Shanghai's economy and society. Third, promote the rational packaging of goods, guide the consumption concept of health, economy and environmental protection, advocate a good social trend of using all resin matrix composite fan casings on aeroengines. The regulations encourage enterprises to give priority to the use of recyclable, renewable, recyclable or degradable packaging materials. It is advocated that producers and sellers should clearly indicate the recycling and packaging cost of packaging materials on the outer packaging of goods, strictly review and check, and carry out the recycling and reuse of packaging materials

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