The hottest legend starts with absolute creativity

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Legend Begins with absolute creativity (Part 1)

the pronunciation of absolute vodka absolut vodka, which many people may not pronounce correctly; But when it comes to appearance, most people must be impressed by the "transparent bottle". It looks like a medicine jar filled with pure water, very much like a drop bottle used in a hospital

in 1979, the centenary of Absolut was approaching. At the same time, the whole American marketing campaign was about to start, but the bottle body design had not been finalized. Maybe it's providence. One day, advertiser Gunnar Broman strolled around the antique shop in Stockholm and saw a Swedish old medicine bottle. Its line is simple, pure and very beautiful, which is quite suitable for being a new bottle of absolut. Gunnar Broman's eyes lit up. Yes, that's it

according to research, the old medicine bottle is closely related to the ease of operation of vodka. Vodka, a distilled spirit, was produced in Sweden as early as the 15th century. At first, it was put in a transparent jar, which was mainly used for medical treatment. It can relieve the symptoms of acute abdominal colic caused by the plague. The shape of this ancient medicine bottle is not only transparent and simple, but also can be combined with Swedish history. It is undoubtedly the best choice for the new image of absolut

in order to pursue perfection, the absolut sales team invited some Swedish designers to further improve the design of this medicine bottle. It was finally decided not to use any labels to show the crystal transparent pure wine quality. Also decided to use blue as the most eye-catching color. Until now, blue is still used in the famous absolut trademark

finally, the designers also made some modifications to the design of the bottle taro - adding the badge of Lars Olsson Smith, symbolizing the continuation of the Swedish vodka spirit and lengthening the bottleneck

facts have proved that later, this medicine bottle has indeed become a symbol of culture for a century, elegant, unique, simple and full of Swedish characteristics

absolute creativity moves from failure to success

compared with its current reputation, Absolut Vodka's road to enter the foreign market is not satisfactory

In 2003, Russians will celebrate the 500th birthday of vodka. In the minds of many people, vodka has almost the same concept as Russia. A Russian poet once said that vodka is as old as the Volga River. Only this vodka based on Russian culture is the most authentic, which almost becomes Vodka's law, and other vodka can only be imitations. Therefore, when it entered the markets of Western Europe and North America, it first encountered strong resistance from this cultural background

at the beginning, people were completely negative about absolute vodka, thinking that the name of the brand was too grandstanding, and that the shape of absolute vodka bottle was ugly, the bottleneck was too short to be inverted, and the bottle sticker was also very simple, making the whole bottle too transparent. More importantly, people lack trust in this vodka brand from Sweden

therefore, when carillon company of the United States invested 65000 US dollars in a special market survey for absolut vodka, an import agent, in 1978, it came to the conclusion that it was an absolute failure

finally, the conclusion of market analysts is: abandon this product

in the face of such a situation, most decision makers will not hesitate to choose to give up, then investigate and design the bottle type that can best cater to consumers, and then continue to investigate and cater, and finally be swallowed up by swarming followers. Some people lament that investigation is both helpful and harmful. Indeed, Coca Cola once had such a lesson

however, Michel Roux, President of carillon, cannot refuse his intuition. He believes that this product is so different from the image of vodka in the impression of consumers, which is why market research cannot fully understand it. He decided decisively to abandon the results of the investigation. He believes that what we need to do now is to endow the brand with strong advertising! Thus, a lasting "absolute" idea was born

carillon handed the advertisement to TBWA advertising company. TBWA, founded in 1970, is a European advertising organization composed of four advertisers from different countries, backgrounds and experience, which is a special case in the entrepreneurial history of advertising companies. As a subsidiary of omnieom, the world's largest communications group, TBWA is the world's fastest-growing multinational advertising company, with a total global turnover ranking ninth in the world

Geoff Hayes, creative director of TBWA, recalled that the initial way to create awareness and popularity for the brand was based on the Swedish traditional culture of the product. The advertising creativity focuses on the depiction of Swedes in hot bathtubs and similar arrangements. He believes that this kind of advertisement is very similar to that of other American liquor advertisements

however, Geoff Hayes felt something was missing. The creativity of advertising is too traditional and predictable, and there is nothing to prove that the product is a strong brand. For a brand to succeed, advertising cannot drift with the tide. It must break through the traditional mode of general alcohol advertising. It is far from enough to only render the quality of the product itself. It must create its added value and shape the absolute brand into a fashionable image that everyone wants to drink

why not consider using the unique name and bottle shape to express quality and fashion

more than ten years later, Geoff Hayes can still clearly recall the original creative process for absolut vodka

"while sitting watching TV, I drew a bottle. I remember drawing a halo on the top of the bottle and adding a line of words" this is absolutely perfect ". The next morning, I showed my copywriter partner Graham the painted thing. He said, you don't need to explain, just say "absolutely perfect". Suddenly, we realize that we have gained something. It enabled us to come up with ten ideas in five minutes, which formed a series of advertising campaigns. "

the advertising concept proposed by TBWA is to reveal the differences between absolute brands and other brands in the market. The creative concept of print advertising is centered on the close-up of the strange bottle, with a line of two words under it. The word "absoli" is always the first word, followed by a word indicating quality, such as "perfection" or "clarity". There is no need to tell the story of any product, because it is etched on the bottle. The uniqueness of the product is accurately reflected by the uniqueness generated by advertising. Placing the bottle in the center and acting as the protagonist may certainly attract customers, but more importantly, the title wording associated with vision and the whimsy triggered by it endow the advertisement with infinite charm and mystery

advertising campaigns are always the same but different

abstract Vodka's ingenious creative way soon attracted the rapid response of the market. Not only did the sales volume increase significantly, but it can be seen that wasters are not interested in this form of creativity. Therefore, TBWA decided to continue this form of creativity and continue to generate many "absolute" topics. So as to attract the attention of consumers with constantly changing content and consistent external forms. At the same time, it can also establish its own unique brand personality in the long-term communication process. This strategic advertising creativity is the most intuitive personality of the brand

in 1983, Michel Roux, President of carillon, met an old artist named Andy wnrhol. During the conversation, Andy told m Ichel at low temperature, "I love AB solut vodka bottle very much, but it's a pity that I don't like drinking. But I love using ab solut as perfume very much. Can I draw a picture for you?"? After hearing this, Michel was very happy to agree to invite Andy Warhol to paint a painting of absolut vodka. So an oil painting with only black absolut vodka bottle and the words "absolutvodka" attracted Michel's attention, and it was published in the media as an advertising idea for the first time

what makes Michel puzzled is that advertisements are not published; Sales rose sharply, and in only two years, Absolut Vodka became the first vodka in the U.S. market. At this time, Michel Roux saw the interactive effect of artistic value and wine cultural value, and positioned the communication of Absolut Vodka as artists, movie stars, rich people and celebrities, so as to speed up the fashionable, personalized and valuable communication process of Absolut Vodka brand. Therefore, a fashionable and noble brand personality of Absolut Vodka is clearly displayed through highly personalized communication creativity and means

in 15 years, Cari said, "we used vapor deposition method, and TBWA, the Secretary of Lon company, insisted on using this" standard format "(bottle plus two word title) in print advertisements, and produced more than 500 print advertisements. Although the" format "remained the same, the performance was always changeable. There are as many as 12 kinds of themes used in advertisements - absolute products, goods and small toxic gas content; City, art, festivals, fashion design, theme art, European cities, film and television and literature, current affairs, etc

in 1987, absolute vodka was sold enthusiastically in California. TBWA team made a wine bottle shaped swimming pool titled "absolute Los Angeles" to thank California consumers for their love for absolute. Advertisements integrate the product ideas they want to convey with the "famous objects" that play an important role in the eyes of the audience, and emit the eternal charm of history and culture

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