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Linyi LED street lamp can choose a variety of color temperatures

LED light source of LED street lamp cap: in order to improve the stability of the product, large brand and high-quality LED light-emitting chips are used, which are directly packaged. When the product is assembled, the LED is directly screwed on the aluminum radiator, which effectively integrates the LED and the radiator, and improves the heat transfer efficiency between the LED and the aluminum radiator, The service life of LED light source is effectively guaranteed. LED street lamps have a variety of color temperatures to choose from, which can meet the needs of different color temperatures in different occasions

led street lamp cap adopts the design mode without power box, which can not only make the lamp meet the application in some occasions that do not need built-in LED power supply, but also meet the occasions that need LED power supply by adding LED power supply. This design mode can greatly reduce the quality of lamps

led street lamp after shot blasting can make the appearance more beautiful. After treatment, plastic spraying can not only make the lamp have more color choices, but also improve the overall corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance of the lamp. The LED street lamp adopts the upper and lower transparent heat dissipation structure to accelerate air convection and achieve better heat dissipation. The hexagonal honeycomb structure adopts the bionics principle, which has a stable structure and increases the heat dissipation area. The shape of the lamp is designed into an arc shape in order to make better use of the cross wind to dissipate heat and protect the lens

led street lamp has a unique secondary optical design, which irradiates the light of LED street lamp to the required lighting area to achieve the purpose of energy saving. The overall luminous efficiency of LED street lamp is stronger than that of high-pressure sodium lamp. LED street lamps can be used with lenses, which can flexibly control the illumination range and further improve the illumination efficiency

led street lamp's light color rendering performance is higher than that of high-pressure sodium lamp 21. It realizes the automatic control of constant actual force, constant deformation, constant displacement, uniform stress rate and uniform strain rate. The high-pressure sodium lamp's color rendering index is only about 23, while the LED street lamp's color rendering index reaches more than 75. From the perspective of visual psychology, to achieve the same brightness, the LED street lamp's illumination can be reduced by more than 20% on average compared with high-pressure sodium lamp, and the small light attenuation is also the advantage of LED street lamp, The light decline in one year is less than 3%, and it still meets the road requirements that China's aluminum industry and automobile manufacturing industry should combine to take corresponding countermeasures after 10 years of use. However, the high-pressure sodium lamp has declined by more than 30% in about one year, and the design of LED street lamp in use power can be lower than that of high-pressure sodium lamp

led street lamps have automatic control energy-saving devices, which can reduce power and save electric energy when meeting the lighting requirements in different periods of time. It can realize humanized functions such as computer dimming, time division control, light control, temperature control, automatic inspection and so on. Long service life: it can be used for more than 50000 hours, providing three-year quality. 4 Digest the instructions and check the correct reliability of the installation of parts, accessories and components

article source: the annual average new gross profit is 168million yuan

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