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Jiangsu legal enterprise produces more than ten tons of gutter oil per day and sells it to three provinces. Ding Guofeng, a trainee of this newspaper, Ma Chao, a correspondent of this newspaper, Zhao Xuegang, Qin Jian, has complete procedures such as business license and production license. It looks like an enterprise that produces feed oil legally. It is actually a "black factory" that produces more than ten tons of gutter oil per day and sells it to more than ten grain and oil stores in three provinces. This morning, the people's Procuratorate of Huaiyin District, Huai'an City, Jiangsu Province prosecuted the defendant Bian Jun for the crime of producing and selling toxic and harmful food, and Yuan Shoulin, Pu lingxun, and Shan Dongliang for the crime of selling toxic and harmful food

according to the prosecution, Bian Jun began to build a feed oil processing plant in the former Wangwa primary school in SANSHU Town, Huaiyin District in 2008, and received a business license for individual businesses in July 2009, with the name of Sanshu Yufeng feed oil processing plant in Huaiyin District, Huai'an City. Since 2008, Bian Jun has been using swill oil, roast chicken and duck oil, frying oil and other kitchen waste as raw materials to produce feed oil. Due to the poor sales of feed oil, he has sold some feed oil as edible oil to merchants operating edible oil. Knowing that the oil was inedible, Yuan Shoulin, Pu lingxun and Shan Dongliang still bought and sold it for illegal benefits

From February 2008 to February 2011, Bian Jun produced and sold feed oil in the name of edible oil to the defendants yuan Shoulin, Pu lingxun, Shan Dongliang, etc., totaling yuan, of which yuan Shoulin sold the oil in the name of edible oil for about 42000 yuan, Pu lingxun sold the oil in the name of edible oil for about 40000 yuan, and Shan Dongliang sold the oil in the name of edible oil for about 280000 yuan

the "black factory" in legal clothes

when the case handling prosecutor investigated the case in Wangwa village, the local villager Xu Laohan reflected that they had never known that this factory produced gutter oil. Since a factory here was put into operation, it often drained black water into the nearby river, and children fished the fish in the nearby river and fed them to cats, But cats don't eat. Moreover, the smell around here is very unpleasant, and the crops of more than ten acres of fields nearby have failed

the inspectors and the comrades of the District Environmental Protection Bureau came to Huai'an Yufeng feed oil Co., Ltd., which was built by renting an abandoned primary school. The company's business license, production license and other procedures are complete. It seems to be a legal enterprise for the production of feed oil. But what about fish that even cats don't eat? After a simple test, the environmental protection personnel said, "this company is seriously polluted. In fact, the feed oil produced by this manufacturer is what people often call gutter oil. If it is used for feed processing, it should be an industry permitted by the state, but it is' drugs' to flow to the people's table."

according to the procurator in charge, Bian Jun, 36, originally purchased swill in Shanghai. In 2008, he returned to his hometown Wangwa village, rented an abandoned primary school, borrowed 300000 yuan from his relatives, and invested in the establishment of the company. After starting work, he found Jiang, the boss of a local grain and oil store, and sold 180 kilograms of gutter oil for the first time. From then on, he contacted the storekeepers of grain and oil stores around the country and threw hundreds of tons of "gutter oil" into the market as edible oil. Other salesmen of the company sell the same products to the feed factory

more than a year later, Bian Jun completed the business license, production license and other procedures, and put on the "legal coat". Bian Jun also set up technology department, marketing department, production department and other institutions in his small company, with a maximum monthly output of 400 tons. The water pollution caused by production is not as expensive as the freight, so the gains are not worth the losses. The air pollution is unbearable for the local villagers. Bian Jun often invites the villagers to eat, drink and send some gifts, and tries to stop these villagers from petitioning and complaining, which lasted for more than three years

knowing that it causes cancer and never eating self-produced oil

according to the public security police who participated in the case, late one night in mid September last year, a freight car with Anhui license plate drove into the factory to install oil storage tanks and drove all the way south, and the police drove quietly followed. A few hours later, the oil vehicle drove into Tianchang City, Anhui Province and stopped in front of a grain and oil store. "It's not bad. The feed oil in the oil tank has been put into the edible oil barrel of the grain and oil store." The policemen were shocked

then, the police ran around day and night, waiting, and found that oil trucks came and went in all directions. These feed oils were transported to Huaian local and Nantong, Yancheng and many grain, oil and food stores in Henan Province for sale. In the subsequent investigation of the inspectors, it was found that more than 10 grain, oil and food stores in three provinces had business contacts with this "black factory"

it is understood that Bian Jun employs more than 10 workers and produces 24 hours a day, with a maximum daily output of more than 10 tons. He also set up a special canteen in the company, where he and the workers ate and lived. But Bian Jun and the workers never eat their own oil, but buy high-end edible oil from big supermarkets. He told the prosecutors that his wife and two children sometimes came to the company for dinner and must buy good cooking oil to eat

When the procurator interrogated Bian Jun, he admitted that the oil produced by his company was produced according to the standard of feed oil, and two full-time testers were responsible for testing, but most of these oils were sold to grain and oil stores. He also explained: "these oils contain toxic and harmful carcinogens such as arsenic, which cannot be eaten by people. Long term consumption of this oil will definitely endanger health. But this kind of business has large profits, low technical content and cost, and it is no problem to earn millions of yuan in a few years." In recent years, Bian Jun has bought two commercial houses locally and in Shanghai

the amount may be much more than what was found out.

the prosecutor in charge of the case said that during the investigation stage of the case, the investigation department estimated that the output of the black dens of the gutter oil produced and sold by Bian Jun should be several thousand tons, and the amount involved in the case should be at least ten million yuan. However, in the process of investigation and evidence collection, because the gutter oil they produced has flowed in all directions, the raw materials come from a wide range of sources, and there is no specific bill to check, Bian Jun and others knew that their activities were illegal and criminal, so it was even more impossible to have specific sales accounts to check

in addition, many individual merchants wholesale at Bian Jun now flatly deny that they have purchased goods at Bian Jun for fear of criminal attack. At present, Yang and Zhang, who have more business contacts with Bian Jun, have fled, and the investigation authorities are arresting them. Therefore, the amount of production and sales of this "gutter oil" production black dens may be far more than what is now identified. However, due to the long time below the glass transition temperature, it is difficult to retrieve the evidence. There are still many difficulties in bringing all the people involved to justice

Huaian (Jiangsu) July 19

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the family divided their work, purchased pork fat, lymph, viscera, broken meat, etc. from pork stalls at low prices from various vegetable markets in Nanning, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, and extracted inferior lard privately in the rental house. Later, they sold these "gutter oil" they dared not eat to a edible oil business department. "Gutter oil" eventually flows to some fast-food restaurants, flour restaurants, porridge restaurants, etc. On July 15, seven suspect were arrested by Nanning Xingning District People's Procuratorate on suspicion of producing and selling toxic and harmful food with the purpose of pressing the indenter or anvil into contact with the experimental machine

■ say that "France" and multiple departments work together to cut off the industrial chain of gutter oil

gutter oil is popular because it will not produce bad consequences immediately after eating, and it is generally difficult to judge from the senses after it is packaged into edible oil. As a result, it is difficult for consumers to complain, and the probability of reporting gutter oil is almost zero. To cut off the industrial chain of gutter oil, it is difficult to rely on one department alone. All departments need to work together to strictly prevent and adhere to the raw material customs, processing customs, flow customs and judicial customs

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