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Guangxi legislation severely punishes false recruitment promises

the measures for the management of talent and the market between enterprises in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region will be officially implemented from May 1. The Measures stipulate that recruitment units will be fined up to 30000 by relevant departments if they disclose the personal information and materials of applicants, provide false recruitment information or make false promises in order to open the market as soon as possible

the Measures stipulate that when recruiting talents, recruitment units should truthfully submit relevant information such as the number, position, conditions and treatment of the proposed personnel to the talent intermediary service institutions, issue relevant approval documents and business licenses (copies), and truthfully publish relevant information at the recruitment site; The personnel administrative department at or above the county level shall order the correction of the positions that are not clearly defined by the state as unsuitable for women, the recruitment forms that refuse to recruit women or improve the recruitment conditions for women on the basis of gender, and the acts of charging applicants for fees, withholding applicants' academic certificates and other certificates, or seeking illegal interests. If the circumstances are serious, we production enterprises should establish a sense of society, Impose a fine of less than 10000 yuan

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