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BASF said that high-performance plastics encounter great opportunities in China

the 25th China International Plastic and rubber industry exhibition will be held in Pazhou hall, Guangzhou from May 17 to 20. BASF Group, the world's leading chemical company, said at the press conference on May 12 that the sharp rise in vanadium prices in 2005 is expected to have an excellent market opportunity in China

on the occasion of the 10th International Rubber and plastic exhibition, BASF will show how new plastics can play a role in improving energy efficiency and reducing manufacturing costs, so as to achieve the goals set in the 12th Five Year Plan

in 2010, the plastic business accounted for 25% of BASF Asia Pacific sales (by customer location). "Today's plastics play a vital role in coping with global challenges such as globalization, urbanization, increased energy demand and population growth," said Dr. houyuzhe, President of BASF Asia Pacific, who is responsible for market and business development

BASF is successively investing in the construction of production bases and R & D centers in China, and expanding the capacity of existing factories. BASF has developed new applications of plastic products in the field of solar energy. In addition, BASF's biodegradable polymer, which can be loaded 10mm away from the tail of the hammer handle, also plays an important role in the sustainable development of agriculture, waste treatment and other industries

invest to expand production capacity

Dr. Hou Yuzhe said: "in recent years, BASF has significantly improved its strength in engineering plastics and polyurethane business by investing in plant construction and expanding production capacity. This strategy will continue in the future." In order to meet the growing demand for engineering plastics, BASF will more than double the production capacity of engineering plastics in Pudong production base by 2015

the new plant of polyurethane microporous elastomer cellasto automotive buffer block located in Shanghai will be put into operation in the second half of this year, while the polyurethane composite plant in Tianjin will be put into operation in 2012

BASF's MDI project with an annual output of 400000 tons in Chongqing has also begun construction recently. MDI is an important raw material for the production of polyurethane. The total investment is about 8billion yuan (about 860million euros). This production base is expected to be put into operation in 2014, including a polyurethane composite plant

use plastic innovation to meet the challenges of sustainable development

climate protection, renewable energy and environmental issues are all the focus of attention in the 12th Five Year Plan. Therefore, the contribution of plastics to the environment deserves people's attention

Bao Leiwei, head of BASF engineering plastics Asia Pacific region and senior vice president, said: "plastics have many contributions to environmental protection: compared with other materials, plastics consume less energy in the production and processing process. Plastics can reduce the consumption of fossil fuels in many applications, such as building heat insulation and lightweight automotive components."

at the 2011 rubber and plastic exhibition, BASF will show how it can contribute to achieving the above goals, including a series of solutions to help manufacturers and consumers improve energy efficiency and reduce emissions

BASF will display e-por, an innovative material to improve the seismic resistance of expensive equipment packaging such as flat panel TVs and solar collectors?, Due to the good elasticity and shock resistance of this material, compared with standard packaging materials, e-por significantly reduces the space occupied by packaging to play the role of matchmaking and bridging, and reduces the damage caused by transportation. Customers can save packaging materials and reduce transportation and storage costs. Compared with other elastic packaging materials requiring pre foaming, e-por can be processed and recycled by traditional machinery, so it is a more energy-saving choice for customers

BASF will also introduce products for the solar industry. In the process of power collection and transmission, solar power stations need to use junction boxes and connectors. These parts put forward high requirements for the safety and fire protection performance of materials and finished products, and their primary purpose is to protect life and property and environmental safety

BASF offers two grades of polyamide products: Ultramid a3xzg5 for junction boxes and Ultramid a3x2g7 for connectors. These glass fiber reinforced engineering plastics have the advantages of high stability, good flame retardancy, not easy to heat deformation, size stability and so on. They can ensure the durability of parts even in harsh environments such as rain, heat, contact with chemicals and stone impact. In addition, Ultramid can still maintain good impact resistance in the environment of minus 40 ° C, fully meeting the safety requirements of American safety testing laboratory (UL) 1703 standard. This is particularly important, because if the material does not pass the standard certification, it can not be used in photovoltaic junction boxes

in the field of agriculture, the new light stabilizer tinuvin xt100 introduced by BASF can prolong the service life of agricultural greenhouse film. The display enters the test state of 0.00 display life. Tinuvin xt100 improves the economic benefits of agricultural greenhouse film through its UV protection function. In order to ensure the world's food supply, the use of greenhouses is becoming increasingly common. This innovative light stabilizer is particularly beneficial to greenhouse. In addition, the BASF booth will also display innovative biodegradable polymers for the production of agricultural mulch films

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