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How to realize home remote seating? Ping An center operation and maintenance do so

Hello, Ping An China. Self report home, the tone of the customer service staff is full of confidence, let the customer know, find 95511 will find rest assured and safe

At the other end of 95511, there are not only the sweet voices and warm smiles of the little sister and brother of customer service, but also a group of lovely operation and maintenance personnel of the central operation and maintenance team. They also take every question they are asked seriously with their dedication, heart and patience

95511 is the unified service of China Ping An group. In China's banking and insurance industry, Ping An Group's customer service has always been the industry-leading weathervane and an important communication bridge between Ping An Group and customers. The call center of Ping An Group has millions of incoming calls every day. Because of its complex business lines and huge system scale, it is not too much to call it the most complex call center in the world

in 2020, the epidemic broke out at the end of the year and the beginning of the year, posing a shocking problem to the banking and insurance industries that have the highest requirements for customer service and system security. The general office of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission (CBRC) put forward a notice on financial services during the epidemic prevention and control period, requiring all financial institutions to improve the efficiency of online financial services, enrich non-contact service channels, and provide safe and convenient financial services at home

in response to the call of the government, the central operation and maintenance team met the difficulties, quickly designed and implemented technical solutions, and rushed to the front line of the fight against the epidemic. The seats are distributed all over the country, and the communication facilities used are different. The learning ability of the staff is different. Telecommuting is OK, but how to realize the connection of tens of thousands of home seats in the internal environment? This is a technical problem in front of the operation and maintenance team

war epidemic plan

the office of the agent staff can adapt to various performance of the testing materials. The site extends from the workplace to the home. The group's remote office tool cloud desktop can ensure that the agent login system checks in the job number, but the cloud desktop does not support the audio stream transmission of "strain gage extensometer", "camera extensometer" and so on according to the different measurement methods, This means that there needs to be a terminal device that does not rely on the cloud desktop around the seat to provide voice media functions. Softphone may become a must, and the corresponding landing solutions of the two terminal devices are also very different

the soft phone scheme adopts sipphone (soft phone installed on PC) to replace the hard phone in the workplace. SIP Phone is registered to the genesis SIP server of the platform through audiocodes SBC (session boundary controller) via the Internet. Audiocodes SBC not only undertakes the function of boundary registration proxy service, but also ensures voice security through signaling (SIPS) and media stream encryption (SRTP)

in the scheme, the component machine type will be configured on the platform side. When the agent controls the answer or outbound call on the cloud desktop software, the platform sipserver will immediately pull up the extension, and the extension is not a normal extension registered on the sipserver side. After it is recognized as an extension, the sipserver will send the number to the media gateway according to the outbound call rules, and the gateway will exit through the PSTN trunk line, then ring, the agent will connect, and the voice stream will successfully establish a connection

the two schemes have their own advantages and disadvantages. The 95511 platform is mainly based on the incoming call scenario. The best experience is that the agent picks up the call immediately and the user does not need to wait. The softphone can reuse the original extension number without adding new ones. 2. The electro-hydraulic servo universal experimental machine needs a suitable fixture to complete the corresponding experimental extension license. The seats are not unfamiliar with this method. The key is that the platform center happened to prepare the SBC equipment connected to the public in advance, so the softphone scheme became the first choice in the incoming call scenario

in the outbound call scenario, there is no SBC device, so the agent needs to use it. In this scenario, each customer's call will occupy twice the trunk line resources, and the richest outbound platform is the worst relay resources. When the agent initiates an outbound call, the platform calls first and then calls the user, which does not affect the user experience. Therefore, in the call out scenario, the scheme becomes a must

war epidemic timeline

1. On January 27, the third day of the new year, the central operation and maintenance team received the task and began to evaluate the home-based telecommuting scheme during the epidemic, and formulated different technical schemes for 95511 customer service and ob outbound platform according to different business characteristics

2. On January 31, the seventh day of the new year, team members worked remotely and made concerted efforts to complete the testing of the new scheme and the deployment of the production environment in only four days

3. On February 3, there are seven days before the Spring Festival rework day stipulated by the Shanghai municipal government. Ping An Group's 95511 shouyinxin and other important business home remote seats were first launched, and other seat services began to be launched gradually according to different business resumption times

the process of implementing the plan is also the process of the operation and maintenance team constantly fighting strange things and upgrading, and becoming braver and braver in Vietnam

strange case

a agent suddenly heard the voice of B agent during the call, which affected the normal communication between a customer service and customers. By analyzing the SBC, sipserver logs, and packet capture files, the team found that the timeout length set for the firewall UDP session led to changes in the RTP ports of some call voice streams, resulting in a string problem. Finally, the careful team members readjusted the firewall settings to solve this problem

recording is the top priority of financial compliance. The recording product shall support seat dual recording under remote working mode. For example, the operation and maintenance team immediately thought of disabling disposable plastic bags and taxing consumers. The 95511 platform uses the dual recording function of nice and Genesys at the same time. Services can switch to recording. Finally, the recording quality passed the quality inspection and fully met the compliance requirements

soft is the most important tool for home seats. The operation and maintenance team provided a detailed installation instruction manual to facilitate the staff to install the software client on their home computers. The agents are distributed in more than 20 provinces across the country, and the network conditions of operators are also different. Guiding the agents to install and use the soft client has become the most time-consuming and laborious process in the implementation process

the operation and maintenance team will establish a separate communication group for the agents of each business line, and the group will respond and deal with the use problems at the first time. The staff described the operation and maintenance team as being like a remote angel, ready to solve our problems at any time. After a problem is solved, the operation and maintenance team immediately summarizes experience, updates the instruction manual, and strives to improve it. The team members laughed and said that we were more patient than teaching our own dolls to have classes while compiling books and having classes

in mid February, the customer service staff of Ping An Bank Credit Card Center has recovered nearly half, exceeding the industry average. At the beginning of March, the overall traffic volume, connection rate and other indicators of remote agents on Ping An Group's 95511 platform and ob outbound platform have returned to normal levels. The world's most complex call center once again outperformed the industry

Ma Mingzhe, chairman and CEO of Ping An Group, pointed out at the opening meeting that the critical moment is an important moment for us to perform our duties

first-hand finance, first-hand technology. Ping An Group's financial business provides life support for medical staff, police, government workers and people infected with COVID-19 who are fighting on the front line of the epidemic. Every member of the central operation and maintenance team of Ping An Group is also performing their duties and silently guarding every satisfactory experience of customer service

95511, China is safe. I wish you peace

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