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How can small and medium-sized printing plants realize the sustainable development plan

How can small and medium-sized printing plants realize the sustainable development plan? Zipperlen printing media company in Germany is a case in point. The company targeted green ecological printing step by step as early as five years ago. They attach great importance to the air purification in the printing workshop, and adopt synchronous ink color measurement and regulation on the offset press, so as to significantly reduce the waste "packaging tax". How did it happen? As early as the 610s of the last century

zibolun printing media company has 35 employees and implements three shift production. Its business scope covers printing, media, presentation and publishing. Print high-end commercial printed materials, such as brochures, leaflets and catalogues, as well as presentation folders, booklets and other CI (enterprise visual identity system) materials

after years of efforts, print design and data processing have become an independent Department of the company. In terms of publishing business, as a local publishing house, the company publishes a total of 11 official publications, from typesetting, printing to finished products and logistics

the company has obvious differentiated competitive characteristics. Ulm, where the company is located, has experienced a structural transformation from production to service, and the density of printing plants is still high. In response, the manager of the company said: we are almost no longer competitive through price alone. The main differences between us and our competitors are our product quality, absolute on-time delivery and customer first policy

in the past five years, the development goal of the enterprise is to build an environment-friendly printing production and formulate the policy of sustainable development. Of course, environmental and quality certification will follow. Forest certification (FSC) paper, carbon neutral printing and production according to offset process standards (PSO) are the basis of the enterprise's sustainable development plan

the relevant person in charge of the company said that the implementation of green printing is of strategic significance to the enterprise. This product is based on the impact structure that conforms to national standards. He said: in our view, first-class printing quality and cheap green production are inseparable. Therefore, color management and standardized production play an important role in the adoption of environmentally friendly printing products (such as substrate and carbon dioxide balance). He believes that the reason for entering sustainable print production lies in the requirements of various customers on the one hand, and the error of no more than 1 mm on the other hand lies in the driving force of its own sustainable management. At present, zibolun printing media company adopts FSC paper or paperboard, accounting for 9% of its business, and the order proportion of carbon neutral printing production accounts for about 4%

the relevant person in charge of the company said: Although the business growth of sustainable production is slow, it is very stable. In terms of major customers of some banks and insurance companies, we have long ended the state of no sustainable printing supply. Therefore, sustainable printing products are an important contribution to expanding the product range of printing plants. In terms of order distribution, its strategic significance will continue to grow in the future

green technology is also an important link for zibolun printing media company to enter sustainable printing production. The key is to grasp the corresponding technology of medium printing size. Last year, the company replaced two sets of equipment. The Speedmaster sm-74 four-color and two-color offset press now used adopts the spectrophotometric ink color measurement and adjustment system on the integrated console. The ink color adjustment of all printer buttons is based on the measured value of spectrophotometry, which can greatly speed up the water ink balance of the printer, reduce the waste paper during color matching, and save paper, which is an important contribution to the carbon dioxide balance of printing products

in 2010, Heidelberg launched cleanstar, which will install its process exhaust device at the receiving part of the printing press extruded polystyrene board containing flame retardant additives. In addition, the Speedmaster XL 75 offset press, which reduces alcohol moistening, and the combination with powderstar ap500 powder spraying star, which can reduce powder spraying by 50%, provide a total solution for green ecological printing

the relevant person in charge of zibolun printing media company said: cleanstar not only reduces the content of ammonia in the air, but also reduces the dust concentration around the printing press. Dust pollution can be reduced by 80% through the cleaning star module, which not only makes the working environment conducive to the health of printers, but also reduces the cost of cleaning printers. At the same time, it also improves the usability of the machine. Therefore, the newly introduced XL 75 multi-color offset press is a good example of environmental protection, and it is expected that sustainable printing production will be increased several times

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