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How to realize the transformation of machinery manufacturing industry under the new normal

2016 is the first year of China's 13th five year plan. It is crucial for the development of the whole "13th five year plan" period to make a good start and lay a solid foundation. At present, China's economic development has entered the new normal. The development of China's machinery manufacturing industry is facing not only important strategic opportunities with great achievements, but also severe challenges with the superposition of many contradictions and the increase of potential risks

at present, as the leading industry of China's national economy, machinery manufacturing industry is still the main support for China's economic growth; As an important support for economic and social development, machinery manufacturing industry is the main channel of urban employment in China and the concentrated embodiment of international competitiveness. However, from the current performance, there is still a big gap between the development of China's machinery manufacturing industry and the western manufacturing power. First, the total energy consumption is increasing. While the energy intensity decreased significantly, the total energy consumption of manufacturing industry in 2015 increased by 2.45 times compared with 2010, and the external dependence of oil consumption was close to 50%; Secondly, the total emission of pollutants from the manufacturing industry has increased significantly, and the environmental situation has continued to deteriorate. While steel, cement, fertilizer and other products rank first in the world, a large number of resources have been consumed, and some resources have been seriously restricted by foreign countries; Thirdly, the overall technical level is still backward, and the core technology is obviously in shortage; Finally, while the manufacturing industry continues to grow at a high speed, the welfare treatment of front-line employees has improved slowly

it can be said that the obstacles to the sustainable development of China's machinery manufacturing industry are frequent, and there is a long way to go. As early as 1987, the concept of "sustainable development" was clearly put forward in the report of the United Nations Commission on environment and development. Since it was put forward, all parties have been debating the concept of sustainable development, and most of them emphasize the coordination and harmony of nature, society and economy under the condition of equal importance. In this regard, according to its own development status, the Chinese government has applied this concept to the specific practice of the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry with great foresight, and proposed to promote the improvement of development quality and efficiency through the transformation of development mode, adjust and optimize the industrial structure, promote innovation driven development, speed up the improvement of various institutional mechanisms, properly respond to the changes in the external environment, and promote long-term stable and healthy development

development status of China's machinery manufacturing industry

since the founding of new China, the development of China's machinery manufacturing industry can be roughly divided into three stages: the first stage is from the beginning of the founding of new China to the reform and opening up, which is the period when the machinery manufacturing industry forms a relatively independent and complete system. At this time, China's machinery manufacturing industry mainly exists in the form of OEM; The second stage is from the reform and opening up to the early 1990s, which is a period of rapid development of traditional industries represented by transportation machinery (such as automobiles) and construction machinery (such as rotary drilling rigs) in China's machinery manufacturing industry, mainly represented by R & D and design (ODM); In the third stage, since the early 1990s, China's machinery manufacturing industry has entered a new period of structural adjustment and industrial upgrading in an open and competitive environment. The proportion of high-tech products has increased significantly, which is characterized by independent brand (OBM)

however, high-tech products lack their own technology, and the manufacturing industry is still taking a typical labor-intensive Road, with low industrial added value and insufficient innovation ability. For example, Shandong Geological Exploration Machinery Factory, which the author recently investigated, is an old factory that has experienced the above three stages of development. The factory was founded in the 1950s, and it has been more than half a century since its development. This old factory is state-owned in nature. In the era of planned economy, production tasks and sales were all allocated by the state. It survived in the form of OEM, and there was no market to worry about; After the reform and development, with the proposal that science and technology is the primary productive force, the R & D technology of the plant began to move to the front stage, that is, R & D, design and production in the form of ODM. At that time, the main R & D products included various geological drilling equipment (such as 65, 70, 75, 89), drill pipes, well drilling rigs, fishing tools, rotary drilling rigs, engineering rigs (such as YGF impact reverse circulation 15, 25 engineering rigs), etc; Nowadays, under the influence of the market economic system, in order to actively participate in the market competition, implement the brand strategy and vigorously develop its own brand, the factory has created its own "Taishan" brand and won a place in the competition

up to now, although China's machinery manufacturing industry has a certain R & D ability and its own brand and market, some of the problems exposed can no longer adapt to the scientific concept of development

(I) the impact of development mode on machinery manufacturing industry. Since the reform and opening up, China's machinery manufacturing industry has achieved rapid development and great achievements by relying on the advantages of a broad market, cheap labor and raw material costs, and socialist concentration of forces to do major things. It has established an industrial production system with complete categories, considerable scale and a certain level, and has become an important pillar industry for China's economic development. However, China's machinery manufacturing industry is based on the development mode of "high input, high energy consumption, high material consumption, high pollution, low efficiency and low return". This extensive growth mode is unsustainable and unsustainable. On the one hand, the bottleneck constraints of various resources and energy factors on economic growth are becoming increasingly prominent; On the other hand, the consumption and emission of energy resources have seriously damaged the ecological balance, polluted the environment, and led to the worsening contradiction between man and nature. The development mode of Shandong Geological Exploration Machinery Plant is also affected by this aspect to varying degrees, and the problems of low resource utilization and environmental impact are also reflected. This extensive growth mode has not been fundamentally changed in recent years, resulting in the accumulation of a large number of structural contradictions

(II) the impact of factor input on the machinery manufacturing industry. Factor input structure mainly refers to the proportion structure between labor, capital investment, scientific and technological progress and other factors that promote the development of machinery manufacturing industry, reflecting the differences in the growth mode of manufacturing industry. The factor input structure of China's machinery manufacturing industry is mainly reflected in the high dependence on low-cost resources and the driving effect of high investment in production factors on the manufacturing industry, and the low contribution rate of scientific and technological progress and innovation ability to the manufacturing industry. For a long time, the growth of China's machinery manufacturing industry has been driven by the comparative advantage of cheap labor and a large amount of material consumption investment. The low quality of workers and the weak ability of independent innovation have brought a series of environmental and social problems, making China's manufacturing industry fall into the low end of the global division of labor. Although Shandong Geological Exploration Machinery Factory does not rely on the advantage of cheap labor to develop, its ability of independent innovation needs to be greatly strengthened

(III) the impact of the development of the situation on the machinery manufacturing industry. The sudden economic crisis in 2008 and the emergence of the economic adjustment period under the "new normal" have made the world enter an unprecedented era of war in the industrial chain. It has also made China's machinery manufacturing industry in a besieged situation. At the same time, it has also brought China's machinery manufacturing industry thinking about how to transform to achieve sustainable development. The market weakness of China's machinery manufacturing industry under the influence of economic development has put forward new topics for China's machinery manufacturing industry: adjusting development ideas, adjusting industrial structure, improving product technology content, increasing product added value, and taking the sustainable development road of transformation and upgrading. Since the second half of 2012, the product sales of Shandong Geological Exploration Machinery Factory have been affected by the downward pressure of the economy, showing a relatively cold market. Whether it is all kinds of drill pipes, other address tool products, or core drilling rigs, engineering drilling rigs, the sales volume has declined significantly compared with previous years

the necessity of taking the road of transformation and upgrading

the severe economic situation has brought unprecedented problems to the manufacturing industry. It is necessary for the machinery manufacturing industry to enhance its competitiveness to implement transformation and upgrading, optimize the adjustment of industrial structure, enhance the vitality and stamina of the industry, and promote the machinery manufacturing industry to walk out of a higher quality, more distinctive and more dynamic path of sustainable development. At the same time, the machinery industry after a few years of Brinell hardness tester do not know how to repair how to do? During the period of rapid development, many problems have been exposed. For a long time, the R & D platform of domestic construction machinery enterprises has been poor, which endangers the actual effect of bending and temperature precision. The construction capacity and resource investment are seriously insufficient, mainly relying on imitation and borrowing, resulting in the entry of low-quality and inefficient products into the market, resulting in the surplus of equipment ownership and low-end capacity. Correspondingly, multinational enterprises have made huge profits in the small volume market of high-end products. "Forced by the overcapacity market situation of construction machinery, transformation and upgrading has become the general trend of the industry." Zhan Chunxin, chairman of Zoomlion, said

therefore, implementing transformation and upgrading and enhancing competitive strength are the needs of self revolution, economic situation and sustainable development of the machinery industry

(I) requirements of five development concepts. The five development concepts of innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing not only put forward requirements for key industries such as iron and steel, automobile, papermaking and chemical industry, but also put forward clear requirements for the machinery manufacturing industry. Research and produce new equipment with high scientific and technological content, high added value, high degree of intelligence and low carbon emissions; At the same time, we should adjust the industrial structure, change the development mode and realize the transformation and upgrading. At the same time, with the continuous improvement of the restrictive standards of various countries on noise pollution, energy-saving technology, exhaust gas pollution, heat emission, oil leakage and other factors, the threshold of international trade has also been relatively raised. In order to make products participate in international competition, we must meet the requirements of domestic and international double standards. At present, the XD series full hydraulic power head core drill produced by Shandong Geological Exploration Machinery Factory, which is suitable for the field of geological drilling, meets the requirements of the scientific outlook on development because of its low-carbon environmental protection, advanced technology, no oil dripping and leakage, high efficiency, low labor intensity, strong safety performance and other advantages

(II) the strengthening of mergers and acquisitions. Due to the continuous decline of economic development and the uncertain expectation of recovery, some internationally renowned machinery manufacturing companies were merged. Some international well-known enterprises, such as Portsmouth and schweiying, have become the acquisition targets of Chinese enterprises. With the continuous improvement of the strength of China's leading machinery manufacturing enterprises, their industrial scale and marketing coverage have been further expanded, and the internationalization level of Chinese enterprises has been further improved, so their products must be improved in quality, efficiency and technology

(III) deepening of information technology. The integration of electronic technology, microcomputer, sensor, electro-hydraulic servo and control system has transformed the traditional construction machinery products. Computer aided design, auxiliary manufacturing and auxiliary management have equipped the construction machinery manufacturing industry. IT network technology has also equipped the sales and information transmission system of construction machinery, so that people can see a new construction machinery industry. New construction machinery products are unparalleled in terms of work efficiency, operation quality, environmental protection, operating performance and degree of automation, and are moving towards further intellectualization and roboticization. The application of Internet, big data, cloud computing and other information technology is developing in depth. The integration of intelligent and humanized "two modernizations" in the machinery manufacturing industry is improving

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