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At present, China has become a large plastic machine manufacturing country and a large plastic machine consumption country. The annual production capacity of plastic machines is about 200000 sets, ranking first in the world. However, domestic plastic machines are still mainly in the middle and low grades, especially in the complete set of technology and control technology of injection molding equipment such as precision, high speed, energy saving and environmental protection, which still lags far behind the international advanced level. Experts believe that in order to realize the leap from a large plastic machine manufacturing country to a powerful manufacturing country, the following are the key points to improve the most typical data processing of the plastic machine mechanism

technology boosts the level of plastic machines

it is an important topic to improve the technical content of ordinary injection molding machines and extruders to meet the requirements of the industry for advanced levels. The plastic machine manufacturing industry should pay special attention to the combination of modern electronic technology, computer technology, network technology and information technology with the electromechanical integration of the plastic machine, so that the plastic machine has the functions of automatic control, automatic diagnosis, automatic adjustment and automatic compensation, and develops in the direction of unmanned, intelligent and integrated

the plastic machine should also develop in the direction of high precision and high speed. The so-called high precision refers to the high molding precision of products, which meets the dimensional accuracy and geometric accuracy required by products, and has good accuracy repeatability. Another meaning of high precision is that the precision of the main parts of the plastic machine should be high, and the installation accuracy should be high, so that the machine can work without stamping. For the extruder with high speed, not only the screw speed should be high, but also the plasticizing quality should be guaranteed, the traction speed should be fast, and the cooling effect of products can be guaranteed; For the injection molding machine, it requires high screw speed, fast plasticization, fast injection speed, mold opening and closing speed, and short molding cycle. At the same time, the plastic machine should also develop in the green direction. It should choose new materials and apply new technologies

the introduction of advanced technology and equipment is an important means to improve the processing level of China's plastic machinery, but the application and promotion of domestic self-developed technology should not be ignored. The electromagnetic dynamic technology, injection molding visualization technology, pulsating pressure induced injection molding technology and ultra-high relative molecular weight polyethylene injection molding technology independently developed by China have reached the international advanced level. Making full use of these technologies with little electricity stored immediately and accelerating the development of more core technologies are the fundamental ways to improve the level of plastic processing technology in China. For enterprises, at present, when carrying out technological transformation, investing in adding some high-efficiency and high-precision equipment and testing equipment is also a necessary means to improve the ability to adopt frequency conversion or step-down speed regulation product development and innovation

the development direction of new products is clear

with the continuous expansion of China's plastic machine market capacity, the total amount of imported plastic machines has not decreased, indicating that the development of domestic models needs to be strengthened. The super large extrusion blow molding machine for hollow plastics has broad development space in China. Super large hollow plastic products, such as IBC barrels, offshore floating barrels, road barricades, fuel oil containers, 10000 liter water storage barrels in northwest water shortage areas, have a bright future in China. At present, the largest specification in China is 1000 liter single-layer extrusion blow hollow plastic molding machine

in recent years, with the continuous growth of medical and electronic consumer goods, the demand for micro injection molding products with an injection volume of less than 2 grams has increased year by year, so the small injection molding machines that produce these special products have also attracted widespread attention. This is because it can adapt to the characteristics of many types of micro products, short delivery time, multiple varieties and small batches. The use of small injection molding machines and small molds to manufacture various kinds of products will not only be pointed out in the technical path that it will vigorously promote its use in automobiles. Products of the same batch can improve the effective utilization of materials, shorten the molding cycle, reduce mold production costs, improve production efficiency, and save space and energy. The examples of local processing manufacturers have proved that small injection molding machines have brought many unexpected benefits to plastic processors in terms of cost saving, increasing production flexibility, improving the effective utilization of materials, shortening the molding cycle, and reducing mold production costs

automatic high-speed Blister molding machine is used to produce all kinds of color sheets and shape all kinds of open thin-walled container products. Using PVC, pet, PP, PS, photodegradable plastics as raw materials, it can be formed continuously at high speed, and can realize the adjustment of various program actions in the process of non-stop work. The products can be widely used in the packaging of food, medicine, daily necessities, toys, electrical components and so on. The multi-layer co extrusion blow molding unit can use PP, LDPE and other raw materials to produce packaging films and composite packaging materials with good sealing, transparency, cooking, preservation, printing and other properties, which can replace most CPP and BOPP film materials and are widely used in the packaging of food, agricultural and sideline products, medicine, chemical industry and daily necessities. Small plastic film bag making machine is also popular because of its small size, light and practical, adjustable speed and specification, energy saving, long service life and other characteristics

structural adjustment urgently requires enterprise alliance

at present, on the whole, the strength of China's plastic machinery industry is constantly strengthening, and the level is improving day by day, but the organizational structure is still unreasonable, there are few large-scale enterprises, and small and medium-sized enterprises account for half of the country, which restricts the improvement of the overall level. Small enterprises are weak in technical strength, production equipment or management level, and their ability to resist risks is weak. Under the pressure of competition, some enterprises adopt the strategy of low price competition on ordinary models, which destroys the normal market order, and it is impossible to develop new products and provide high-quality technical services. The entry of foreign capital has also brought great pressure and challenges to Chinese local enterprises. It is understood that enterprises from Japan, Canada, Germany and other countries have invested and built factories in Jiangsu and Zhejiang. In addition, Korean and Austrian enterprises are also preparing to invest and build factories in China. All these things, the living environment of domestic enterprises will become increasingly severe. Therefore, the enterprises that produce the same type of products in China's plastic machinery industry should unite, take the road of collectivization, adjust the enterprise structure, do large-scale, and enhance the ability of technological innovation and anti risk, which is the necessary organizational structure guarantee for the improvement of China's plastic machinery technology level

source: China Chemical Industry News

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