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How does the manufacturing industry rapidly transform into a service marketing enterprise

the transformation of manufacturing industry to service marketing enterprises is referred to as manufacturing service. The practice of the world economy shows that producer services is the industry with the fastest economic growth. More and more manufacturing enterprises are transforming into a service enterprise in the sense of accurately weighing. Service has become an important development direction of manufacturing industry, and the high development of manufacturing industry has shown a new trend of service

the service-oriented manufacturing industry has greatly extended the business scope of manufacturing enterprises, making the sales and profit sources become more diversified and multi-level from a single product manufacturing and sales. In the 1970s, the financial crisis caused by the oil crisis prompted global automobile manufacturers to seek benefits from services. The major automobile manufacturers have launched the nylon material bonded with short fibers, and the friction performance of the nylon material is also very good. Car loan, car insurance, car beauty, car repair and other services around the car, resulting in the concept of 4S store

after 2008, more and more Chinese manufacturing enterprises accelerated their transformation to service marketing. However, due to the misunderstanding of transformation, so far, no very ideal results have emerged

in this regard, Mr. Cai Yong, general manager of e-Science software China, believes that because of this, the service-oriented manufacturing industry is the trend, and turning from manufacturing and processing to service marketing is only a form, and the most critical core is: whether an enterprise can have its own management system and corresponding management software

as we all know, even in the agent environment, both individual consumption and collective purchase put forward more requirements for services. As a manufacturing enterprise, from the generation of new business opportunities to the end of the first transaction, and then to retaining customers through services to obtain new business opportunities, there is a seemingly invisible but real customer service cycle

the information management product of e-Science software is to present this customer service cycle to managers at all levels at a glance, and enable managers of different departments to operate on the same information management platform according to their own management fields

for sales service managers, what they care about is whether the completed services have been invoiced? Is the quality of the products produced qualified? Is there any possibility to further explore the service contract undertaken by yourself

as production plan dispatchers, they hope to formulate a fast, efficient and flexible production plan, timely understand where the engineer implementing the plan is, and whether they can ensure the full implementation of the production plan

what about engineers? I want to know when? Where are we going? What contact should I find to complete this contract? Be able to know the relevant technical details in advance and quickly provide solutions

in addition to the above, around a customer service cycle, that is, the execution of a contract, there are also various problems within the manufacturing enterprise, such as finance, personnel, general manager and other departments, and they all hope to find the answer at the first time

in the past, manufacturing enterprises will provide various management software for various departments to help solve the problems of Mercedes Benz, BMW and Audi, the giants in the automotive field, which are the bright pearl of the German manufacturing industry. This approach is more suitable for production oriented management. Once service becomes the main theme of enterprises, the corresponding information transmission will seriously lag behind. This phenomenon known as information island directly hinders the process of manufacturing service

using the products of Ecotech software, managers can feel the whole process information optimization service from contract signing to invoicing, and carry out contract management that is flexible and can produce as high attachment value as possible. While formulating a quick and simple production plan, the optimal response time is reserved to allow mobile engineers to maintain information communication with the production dispatcher who is stuck in the plant

Ecotech software can integrate scattered information on one platform, and intuitively present the cost, risk and potential value of information through effective algorithms. Cai Yong concluded that this enterprise information management method that completely breaks the information division can effectively accelerate the transformation of the manufacturing industry to a service marketing enterprise

some experts believe that there are ten types of manufacturing transformation directions in China, of which service is the first choice. When a large number of manufacturing companies want to obtain benefits from service marketing, they should first be deeply aware of the importance of implementing information management to meet the needs of transformation

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