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Hose packed green tea: three formulas have become healthy "new favorites"

tea is the second most popular drink in the world after water, and now scientists have confirmed the ancient Chinese saying that green tea can make people happy for centuries. And it is also famous for its powerful antioxidant function. Modern science is enough to provide strong evidence that green tea can protect the human body from many restlessness and diseases. People firmly believe that whether the quality of testing materials is qualified as a natural fungicide and health medicine, the antioxidant (polyphenol) in green tea is 50 to 100 times more than vitamin E and vitamin C

as a chain reaction of this series of discoveries, teatechtm, a wholly-owned subsidiary of xelherbaceuticalstm in Salt Lake City, is committed to developing and marketing this unique product, which is based on teatech's green tea extraction technology. The company has a patent pending green tea extraction method, and also has a green tea foaming formula that has been patented in the United States

teatech's market selling point is a tubular aluminum foil bag containing 2.2 grams of dry green tea extract, which can produce 8 ounces of tea. This unique extraction method only uses cold water and fresh green tea (instead of dry green tea), which leads to a chemical mixture or solvent that is difficult to extract by other methods. The natural ingredients inherent in green tea have been preserved. This kind of pure extraction samt member has a 20% discount (membership fee of RMB 400/person/year); The teacher giving the report is RMB 1300/person; The student is 1300 yuan/person (with a valid Student ID card), so that the polyphenol substance (antioxidant) contained in a green tea extract is equal to the amount contained in 8 cups of traditional brewed green tea

recently, teatech has mainly promoted three formulas of green tea, including two traditional flavors: tea without sugar at all and three matching sweet teas, such as Hawaiian sucrose and Splenda? And stevia essence. All of these are available in natural, raspberry and lemon flavors

these hoses are packed in two sizes of cardboard cans, 15 and 32 respectively. The price of these two packaged products is $5.99 and $8.99, while the price of a single hose is $1. This product is sold in GNC, vitaminworld and vitaminshoppe stores in the United States and Wholefoods branches across the country. Teatech cooperates with several large food retailers respectively, and has made a big step forward in the competition in the food industry

since the products are produced from fresh green tea, the factory must be close to the tea garden, so the production and packaging are completed in China. All packaging materials are also provided by Chinese companies

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