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How to realize high-energy operation of high-energy planetary ball mill

high energy ball milling method is a method that uses the rotation or vibration of high-energy ball mill to make the grinding ball strongly impact, grind and stir the raw materials, and crush the metal or alloy powder into nano particles. If two or more kinds of metal powders are simultaneously put into the ball mill nozzle of the ball mill for high-energy ball milling, the powder particles are calendered, the compaction experiment begins, and the repeated process of grinding and recompression (the repeated process of cold welding crushing cold welding) is followed, and finally the alloy powder with uniform structure and composition distribution is obtained. Because this method uses the mechanism to achieve alloying, rather than heat or electric energy, the method of preparing alloy powder by high-energy ball milling is called mechanical alloying

the preparation of nanocrystals by high-energy ball milling requires the use of new materials and the extensive control of the following parameters and conditions, namely, the correct selection of the material of hard balls (stainless steel balls, agate balls, cemented carbide balls, etc.), the control of ball milling temperature and time, and the raw materials clearly discuss the production and use of hbcdd and its impact on the environment. Generally, micron sized powders or small-size strip fragments are used, and the particle size The changes of composition and structure were monitored by X-ray diffraction and electron microscope observation of the powder milled at different times

the working principle of the planetary ball mill is that there are several ball milling tanks that rotate with the rotation of the rotating disc and rotate at high speed on the circumference of the rotating disc. Under the action of inertia force, the grinding ball in the ball mill tank forms a great high-frequency impact and friction on the materials for rapid fine grinding. Vibrating high-energy ball mill. Vibrating high-energy ball mill is a fine grinding and ultra-fine grinding equipment that uses grinding medium (spherical or rod) to impact, friction, shear and other effects on materials in the cylinder with high-frequency vibration to crush materials

in the operation of planetary ball mill, the movement of medium depends on the type of vibration, the shape of grinding cylinder and the filling rate. The higher the vibration amplitude and frequency, the finer the particle size of the material, and the larger the filling rate of the material, the coarser the particle size. The filling rate of the medium should be 60% - 80%. Within a certain range, the specific surface area of the material is proportional to the crushing time. According to the feeding particle size, by selecting the appropriate medium size, The required material fineness can be obtained by adjusting the amplitude and frequency of vibration, the feeding amount and the filling rate of medium that can meet the relevant international standards

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